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crowdsourced multivitamin

Extending maximum human lifespan will likely require a wide range of new biotechnology. Powerful interventions such as pharmaceuticals, stem cell technology, and gene therapy are in development but could be years or decades away from widespread implementation. During the intervening time the best way to ward off the ravages of disease and aging is to take care of yourself.

Members of LongeCity are keenly aware of this reality. That is why LongeCity forum discussions about exercise, nutrition, and supplements are very active and comprehensive. Members are constantly on the lookout for the latest research lending insight into which supplements are beneficial, cost-effective, and readily available.
Much has been made of the deficiencies of current multivitamin formulations and this has led to a community effort to design the “perfect multivitamin”.

In a long process of collaborative discussion, Members designed what in their view comes closer to the 'perfect' anti-aging supplement than any other product on the market.
LongeCity then found a partner in RevGenetics Ltd (FDA RegNo: 12757922694) to produce it.

Under the brand name VIMMORTAL the formula was promoted during 2011.Many members enjoyed the heavy discount that RevGenetics generously provided to LongeCity members.

After over a year of sales, members decided to revisit the formula. The inclusion of choline in particular proved controversial in light of current research. VIMMORTAL was stopped and a new group convened to collate suggested tweaks and improvements. The revised formula was relayed to the previous partner Revgenetics.

After many delays and extensions throughout 2012, it became clear eventually that Revgenetics was not going to take the second generation of the crowdsourced supplement further.
This is a setback for the project, in which LongeCity was at the forefront of connecting supplement sellers and consumers in an innovative dialogue at the cutting edge of nutritional supplement design. However, we are proud of this effort and the experience and data generated by it.

The VIMMORTAL formula is 'open source' and we are optimistic that another manufacturer/seller will see the opportunities of connecting directly with the life extension community to provide the 'ideal' supplement solution.

Check the Vimmortal project forum.