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Eternus by Neurohacker Collective

A 36 Ingredient Formula for Comprehensive Cell Energy & Aging Support


Eternus Science

Neurohacker Collective put rigorous research into the formulation of their Qualia nootropic stack products which debuted in 2016. They now have turned their research to the riddle of aging and the decreased cellular energy that initiates many aging symptoms. The result is Eternus, a 36 ingredient formula designed to be the most comprehensive stack on the market for cell energy support, and delaying the effects of aging as long as possible.
Aging begins at the cellular level
. The roughly 37 trillion cells in our bodies are performing trillions of metabolic functions each second. Decreases to the efficiency and energy of cellular function, underlies virtually all symptoms we associate with aging, from wrinkling skin and sagging muscles, to greater lethargy and brain fog, to poorer sleep and longer physical recovery times.
Comprehensive support for cell energy and efficiency lies at the bedrock of limiting the effects of the aging process, but it is an incredibly complex challenge. We all age, but the rate of aging and the negative symptoms associated with that process are highly variable. To make the rate and symptoms of aging as slow and subtle as possible, a nutritional formula must account for a broad range of cellular functions simultaneously.
These types of complex formulation requirements are where
Neurohacker Collective separate themselves from most stack formulators. They specialize in formulation modeling premised on complex systems science, which incorporates dozens of ingredients dosed in precise synergistic relationships with each other, to support the body’s biochemical pathways to self regulate optimally. This approach is in contrast to a lot of pharma and nutra formulators who override those pathways to achieve an isolated benefit by externalizing side effects to other parts of the body, which can further exacerbate regulatory dysfunction.
The following is a deep dive into
Eternus, which addresses cell energy and the aging process in at least 6 distinctive ways.

What is Eternus?

Eternus is a natural cell energy stack designed to comprehensively limit the negative effects of the aging process. It has been formulated by Neurohacker Collective, a San Diego-based company with a mission to create products that improve human performance by supporting our natural complex physiology rather than overriding it.

6 Ways Eternus Supports Cell Energy & Better Aging

1) Promotes a Fitter Mitochondrial Network

If your mitochondria don’t function properly, your cells will struggle to produce energy. With insufficient energy being produced, you’ll feel more tired and lethargic (R).
And poor mitochondrial health doesn’t only cause physical sluggishness.It also is linked to brain fog and neurodegenerative diseases, while improving mitochondrial function may reverse these conditions (
R, R, R).
The mitochondria also initiate the production of steroid hormones, including cortisol and all sex hormones. That’s why malfunctioning mitochondria can cause hormone imbalances (R).
Another key function of the mitochondria is to commit cellular suicide – known as apoptosis – in response to excess stress, damage, or mutations. Evolutionarily, it is better for the damaged cells to commit suicide than to spread more oxidative stress, or to go on and damage other cells which can potentially develop into cancers (
Supporting the mitochondria and reducing oxidative stress generally protects the neurons by preventing apoptosis
. In a small clinical study, a comprehensive natural approach (supplements, diet, lifestyle) sustainably reversed cognitive decline in 10 elderly patients. The program focused on reducing brain inflammation, and supporting the mitochondria and brain plasticity (R).
has a multitude of ingredients with research correlating to various aspects of improved mitochondrial health and function, including resveratrol (R), lipoic acid (R), n-acetyl-L-cysteine (R), and Coq10 (R).

2) Boosts Production of NAD+ & Optimizes NAD+: NADH Ratio

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that consists of adenine and nicotinamide, and is found in all living cells.
NAD exists in two forms: NAD
+ and NADH respectively. NADH contains 2 more electrons than NAD+.
Low NAD+ quickens aging.
In mitochondria of young people, NADH can readily donate its electrons to generate NAD+. During the aging process, increased DNA damage reduces NAD+, leading to reduced SIRT1 activity and reduced mitochondrial function (R ).
In addition, during aging, the decline in the function of genes that control circadian rhythm can reduce NAD+ levels (
NAD+ also has compelling correlations to cognitive health. In a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, increasing NAD+ by supplementing with nicotinamide riboside restores cognitive function by increasing
PGC-1alpha levels (R).
Supplementation with NAD+ intermediates, readily increases cellular and mitochondrial NAD+, and reverse many aging or disease processes associated with low NAD+ (
R, R2). There is strong evidence that B vitamin levels have direct correlations to NAD+ production (R), with niacinamide (B3) in particular showing a particularly strong correlation (R). Eternus supplies a stack of B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 and B12 vitamins in its formula.
While boosting NAD+ is a useful strategy, it’s also important to increase the NAD+ : NADH ratio. Increasing the cellular consumption of NADH is an additional lever toward that end. Calorie restriction induces an enzyme called Nrf2, which is considered to be a master regulator of cellular defense; it’s responsible for many cellular protection processes and involved in mitochondrial biogenesis (i.e., building new mitochondria). This enzyme then changes how other genes (and the enzymes the genes produce) express themselves, including a cellular detoxification enzyme called NQO1. In order to protect cells from potentially harmful agents, NQO1 uses NADH, resulting in lowering of cellular concentrations and an improved NAD+ : NADH ratio. Upregulating the Nrf2 → NQO1 pathway is the next piece of the puzzle. It’s part of addressing programmed aging.
A host of substances have evidence of boosting Nrf2 which are found in
Eternus, such as R-Lipoic Acid (R), rosemary extract (R), french grapes extract (R?)

3) Elevates ATP Levels

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is a cell’s “energy carrier” or “energy store” molecule. This is true of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, although the ATP production mechanism differs across the two types. ATP is the main source of energy for most cellular processes.
Low ATP levels are often found in people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (
R), and even moderate depletions of ATP have been linked to sizable increases in oxidative stress (R), while higher ATP levels have been correlated to increases in muscle mass (R) and increased capacity during high intensity activities (R).
Many ingredients in
Eternus have been associated to increasing ATP levels including CoQ10 (R), and Eternus contains elevATP® specifically for that purpose, which contains a combination of trace minerals from ancient peat, including ionized magnesium and apple polyphenols, which has been correlated to increased ATP output in clinical studies (R).

4) Upregulation of Sirtuins

Sirtuins are a family of proteins critical to healthy aging. The regulate cellular health by performing critical biologic functions such as DNA expression.
When proteins are undergoing stress, acetyl groups are added to proteins as a response to changes induced by inflammation and oxidation.
Sirtuins remove these acetyl groups to keep the protein in service longer than usual, while simultaneously stabilizing the charge state of the carbon backbone in protein to resist any further changes in their shape. This allows your cellular proteins to live longer and you can save energy on other processes.
Sirtuins such as SIRT1 protects us from nitric oxide. When you have good SIRT1 levels and activity, nitric oxide will stimulate DNA repair genes (via deacetylation of
FoxO1). Otherwise, nitric oxide will stimulate genes that will cause the cell to self-destruct (R).
Sirtuins play a major role in good sleep as well. SIRT1 regulates the strength (amplitude) and the duration of circadian gene expression in the retina by removing acetyl groups from key circadian clock regulators, such as BMAL1 and
In aged mice, SIRT1 levels in the SCN (circadian command center) are decreased, as are those of BMAL1 and PER2, causing a longer circadian period, a more disrupted activity pattern, and an inability to adapt to changes in the light entrainment schedule. Young mice lacking brain SIRT1 have similar effects to these aging-dependent circadian changes, whereas mice that overexpress SIRT1 in the brain are protected from the effects of aging (
Anything that increases NAD+, will increase SIRT1 activity. The relevant ingredients in
Eternus which have already been listed to that end, but additionally, there is evidence that SIRT1 and SIRT3 activity increases from supplementation with lipoic acid,also found in Eternus, appearing to do so directly (R).

5) Activation of AMPK

AMPK(5′ AMP-activated protein kinase) is an enzyme that plays a key role in energy balance. All creatures from yeast to humans have this enzyme (R).
AMPK can detect the level of energy (number of ATP molecules) in a cell and helps regulate responses when it gets too low or high.
AMPK is produced in a number of tissues, including the liver, brain, fat cells and muscle (
AMPK in the hypothalamus senses our level of energy production in the body (energy in the form of ATP). It increases energy expenditure and can also increase appetite (when increased in the hypothalamus) (
When cellular energy is low, AMPK is activated and targets a range of processes, the net response of which is an increase in energy production and a coordinated decrease in energy (ATP) usage (
AMPK also inhibits the production of fatty acids,
cholesterol, and triglycerides, and instead stimulates fat breakdown (R).
A multitude of ingredients in
Eternus have been correlated to increasing the activation of AMPK, including Carnitine (R), gynostemma (R), CoQ10 (R), and resveratrol (R).

6) Support for Insulin Regulation

If you are insulin resistant, your brain will not get the message that insulin is trying hard to convey (that you have high levels of sugar in your bloodstream). In this way, insulin resistance promotes hunger. You eat and insulin is released, but your body tells you to eat some more despite the ability of insulin to act as a satiety hormone. Hence why obesity is linked to brain insulin resistance (R). 
When rats had their brain insulin receptors removed, they ate more, developed insulin resistance, and became obese (R). There is a correlation between insulin resistance and fat accumulation in the liver (R). Beyond a weight loss regimen and regular exercise, both of which can decrease insulin resistance, there are a number of supplement foods found in Eternus which can aid in this as well, such as magnesium (R),resveratrol (R),and lipoic acid (R).

What Makes Eternus A Unique Cell Energy and Aging Formula?

1) Comprehensive Targeting of Multiple Processes that Underlie Cell Energy & Aging

The white paper on Eternus lays out a very balanced, multi-pronged strategy in this formulation for addressing not only the 6 categories listed in this review, but also an accounting for the sub-categories and considerations comprising them. The scientists and medical professionals behind Eternus mapped out all the factors that affect cell health and aging to ensure their formulation addresses them all.

2) Synergistic Ingredients

Synergy is when a combination of ingredients produce an effect greater than the sum of its parts. Many ingredients in Eternus have more than a single positive effect and when you stack them together, some effects become stronger than when they are taken separately.

Eternus Ingredients

The Eternus formulation transparently lists all 38 ingredients comprising it and the dosing of each is consistent with the amounts the benefits that warrant their inclusion.

Positive Subjective Effects From Eternus

You can notice very significant improvements from Eternus within just a few days, such as:
- Noticeable increases in energy and vitality.
- Decreases in brain fog and more sustainable mental energy.
- Quicker recovery times from workouts and activities.
- Decreased pain and discomfort from decreased inflammation.
- Improved sleeping quality and easier transitions to wakefulness.

Bad Side Effects

Common negative side effects include:
- Possible upset stomach if Eternus is not taken with food.
- Potential restlessness if Eternus is taken late in the day.

Who is Eternus For?

Eternus is for anyone looking to maximize nutritional support for cell health and cell energy, particularly for those who are looking to delay the onset of age related decline as significantly and comprehensively as can be done through premium nutrition.The product comes with a 100-Day money back guarantee, and significant subjective improvements to vitality and energy are felt by most within the first week, providing quick evidence that cellular energy and efficiency is improving.

Buy Eternus

You can try Eternus by clicking here. Choosing the subscription option (which you can cancel anytime) gets you 50% off the first month supply, and using coupon code LONGECITY gets you an additional 15% off your first purchase.
A comprehensive cell energy product like Eternus can be a tremendous compliment to the foundations of good diet, exercise, and sleep, in holding back the hands of time for as long as possible, and sustaining a high physical and mental quality of life for decades to come.

This Article is a guest contribution by a recent Sponsor of LongeCity.
Contents, scientific and product claims are not endorsed by LongeCity and to the best of our knowledge: any statements made regarding ETERNUS have not been evaluated by any regulatory agency including the US Food and Drug Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.