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Honorary Member: Fred Chamberlain (boundlesslife)

View attachment: fred.jpg

In the early 1970's Fred Chamberlain, together with his wife Linda founded the cryonics corporations Manrise and the Alcor Society for Solid State Hypothermia, The latter continues until today as the Alcor Life Extension Foundation one of a very few cryonics providers.

Fred joined LongeCity in 2005 as boundlesslife and shared his thought and experiences with the community over the years.

He was placed in cryostasis at Alcor on 22 Mar 2012.

Suspension case report:
View attachment: casereportA1002FredChamberlain.pdf

His wife Linda remembers him in an 'Ode to Fred'
View attachment: OdeToFred.pdf

He was elected honorary lifetime member for 'services to cryonics'.