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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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The LongeCity (Longecity.org/ImmInst.org) is an international, not-for-profit, membership-based organization 

Our mission is "to conquer the blight of involuntary death".  
To advance this mission, we aim to foster:

• an open public forum for information and discussion; 
The main hub is our forum which invites discussions of diverse topics: from science, nutrition, lifestyle and philosophy. Its features include messaging, subscriptions, ratings, keyword tags, and annotations. All visitors can read our forum subject to our user agreement. To contribute, everyone can register a free account, which also opens the door to a small but dedicated 'social network' for the life extension community.   

• a repository for relevant information; 
All information on LongeCity is sourced from the community. In addition to the forum, features include archives for videos, supplement regimens, links, pictures, articles, interviews, a community database of experts activists and volunteers and other information.

• scientific research; LongeCity supports small but impactful research efforts at the community and student level. We have supported a range of successful research projects, fundraisers, student internships, and we have established a unique program with 'Affiliate Labs' led by young scientists who emerged from within our community.

• community initiatives; LongeCity has taken the community-focused 'crowdsourcing' approach to a diverse range of projects. We are always interested in new ideas and support those who champion them. We also foster international connections and local meetings across the life extension scene. 

Management, Members & Partners  
LongeCity is a membership-based organization ("501-3-c status" in the United States) governed by a 'constitution'. Membership is open to all persons who apply. Members elect and deselect a Board of Directors from amongst their number. The Board appoints key officers and other stewards. Once a year we hold a members consultation about activities and how to spend our limited funds and announce these plans and other news in our regular newsletter.   
LongeCity maintains friendly relations to other organisations working toward the same mission. We are always open to suggestions for shared projects. This text explains how we collaborate with others.  

The Immortality Institute founded in 2002 by Bruce J. Klein as a development of his private website and incorporated under Alabama law in 2003. The inaugural Directors were Bruce Klein, Susan Fonseca-Klein, Michael Anissimov, Kenneth X. Sills, Kevin Perrott, Caliban and Reason.
Dual Names?
As of January 2011, the Immortality Institute has formally adopted 'LongeCity' as a second 'trading' name. Now, the organisation uses both names, but prefers to use "LongeCity" for its public-facing activities and "Immortality Institute" when referring to the circle of its voting members. The reason for adopting the second name was to overcome credibility issues when using the word "Immortality" in our outreach and scientific support programmes.

LongeCity is sustained by donations and by advertising. Adverts are often served via google and less visible to LongeCity Members. Other advertisers need to respect LongeCity's independence and impartiality. Membership donations underpin an annual of lifetime membership. Discounts are available. One-time donations can also be made in support of particular initiatives


could you please explain more behind the name "LongeCity"? What is the meaning? I find that "Longe: is a a long rein on which a horse is held and made to move in a circle around its trainer."


I understand that City can refer to our 'group'.


Why and what meaning is LongeCity? thank you

Longecity I would say is a play on the words "longevity" and "city." Longecity is a community where like minded people interested in life extension can come together.


Moderators feel free to correct if I'm wrong. :)