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Aging Biomarker Testing Support Programme


LongeCity.org has long been a hotbed of information exchange and discussion about various methods of slowing or reversing the process of aging. An incredible number of supplements have been tried, exercise routines employed, and eating patterns explored.
Is it any of it working? Have LongeCity members succeeded in slowing aging and remaining healthier than their contemporaries?
Precious few people maintain a regular schedule of objective testing for health and aging biomarkers. Even fewer make those results public. LongeCity aims to change this state of affairs. 
In order to foster a ‘citizen scientist’ culture of objective self-monitoring and knowledge sharing LongeCity is supporting all Immortality Institute Members in procuring tests for next-generation biological age markers.

Which tests are supported?

Generally, tests that rely on epigenetic aging markers to give a ‘biological age’ profile and are easily obtainable through reputable third-party testingproviders.

    Currently the following commercially available tests are supported:
     • Epimorphy (https://www.mydnage.com/)
     • Osiris Green (https://www.osirisgreen.com/)
     • TeloYears (https://www.teloyears.com/)

While these tests fit the above description, they are quite different in what they measure. Make sure you use the resources on longecity and elsewhere to make an informed decision which test to choose. Further reading.
Currently our subsidy programme combined with a provider discount means that one of these tests is available to Immortality Institute Members for free or at a substantial discount.
Members can suggest other tests to be included in the list. Contact us with suggestions and references.

Steps for Participants

STEP 1. You need to be a Member of the Immortality Institute. (If you are not yet a member - it may well be worth joining since the discount for the test more than covers your membership donation.)

STEP 2. Register your interest here. (Do not just go and order your test! Wait until you get the ‘all clear’and discount code from the Membership Secretary via forum PM.)

STEP 3. Order the test from the provider using the discount code provided. (Please note that this will involve paying the provider upfront and making sure that you collect your biological samples as instructed and mail them back to the provider) 

STEP 4. Post your results here. The minimum information required is your real (calendar) age and your biological age as determined by the test. However, we’d really like you to share as much information as you think may be pertinent regarding lifestyle, diet, supplementation etc. that might shine a light on your results for further analysis. You don’t have to disclose your name and address).

STEP 5. LongeCity will reimburse you the costs of the test up to a maximum of $150 via paypal to your registered email address.

Note The support programme is a voluntary community effort. Particants in the programme do so at their own risk and responsibility. Any arrangements with third party testing services are private contracts between the service providerand the individual participants. LongeCity makes no guarantees regarding thequality, safety and reliability and utility of any third party tests. Financial support is provided at LongeCity's sole discretion, is not guaranteed and subject to available funds.