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Elders Advice Video Prize

Submit a video interview with someone aged 78 or older and win a book, CD or video game of your choice from the LongeCity store.

Entry conditions:

1- The person you are interviewing must be aged 78 or older. We are willing to trust you on this one, but we may ask for documentation if there is real doubt.

2- The interview should be between 8 and 10 minutes in length.

3- The interview *must* include an answer to all of the following questions:
 -- Would you like to live forever and why or why not?
 -- Why do you think you are still alive today?
 -- Do you have any advice for people trying to live for a very long time?

4- Beyond these questions, you can decide to include anything of interest in the interview. You could ask the interviewee about their life history, memorable experiences, their nutrition, their philosophy, their life now, whatever you think is interesting.

5- Your equipment doesn't have to be professional. You can use a laptop, a webcam, a mobile phone camera -- as long as the quality is good enough that we can see and hear the persons you are interviewing.

6- Submissions will be displayed on the ImmInst website and the interviewee must have given consent to that.

7- Submissions may be rejected at the discretion of the ImmInst board for any reason.

8- ALL accepted submissions will win a prize as long as there is funding available!

Email your submissions to support@imminst.org
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