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Podcast Interviews

Since its founding, LongeCity has conducted interviews with notable personalities in the life extension field.
Originally in written and texchat form, the effort was later taken up by Justin 'Mind' Loew, current LongeCity Membership Secretary and himself an experienced broadcaster.

Check out the broadcast forum where new interviews are announced.
You can submit questions to the guest, suggest future guests and access archived interviews.

These interviews are always insightful and topical, but also make for informative listening years later, which is why we keep them freely available from our archives.


Starting in 2012, we are hosting the podcasts ourselves:

DOWNLOADS: http://www.longecity...ory/7-podcasts/

Pre-2012 interviews can be found on the 'ustream' public broadcasting channel

USTREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sunday-evening-update/videos

Many podcasts (with visuals) can also be found on our youtube channel

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.c.../immortalityorg


Do you have a suggestion regarding potential guests?
Please share here: http://www.longecity...st-suggestions/

Previous guests include:
Aaron Drake; Anne Corwin; Arthur De Vany; Aubrey de Grey; Ben Goertzel; Calvin Mercer; Christine Peterson; David Gobel; Didier Coeurnelle; Dr. Brian Wowk; Eliezer Yudkowsky; Eric Schulke; Felicia Nimue Ackerman; Gary Taubes; Geordie Rose; George Dvorsky; Hugo De Garis; Jacque Fresco; James Clement; Jan Gruber; John Schloendorn; Josh Mitteldorf; Kelsey Moody; Kevin Perrott; Kevin Warwick; Luigi Fontana; Mark Hamalainen; Max More; Michael Anissimov; Michael Rose; Paul Wakfer; Peter Passaro; Randal Koene; Robin Hanson; Ronald Klatz; Scott Miller; Shannon Vyff; SJ Olshansky; Susan Fonseca-Klein; Tanya Jones; Terry Grossman; Tobiloba Oni; Todd Huffman; Tom Mooney; Vijay Pande; William Davis