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'Reputation' System Explained

LongeCity Members and Registered Users can vote for each others posts to show approval of disapproval (by clicking in the right hand corner on the last line of each post). All contributors are enrolled in this scheme.
The following are a few points of information regarding that system.

-- Registered Users currently get to cast 4 positive votes per day and 2 negative votes
(It's more positive to express approval, so there are more options)

-- Members currently have 8 positive votes per day, and 4 negative votes
(This site is owned by its members, so their voice shapes it more strongly)

-- Members of leadership get no extra votes
(but Moderators can issue warnings or suspensions for violations of the bylaws)

-- Once you have cast a vote on reputation, you cannot change your mind
(Vote carefully, but don't ponder votes to hard, people may have mis-clicked)

-- Voting, both negative and positive, gives you a small amount of 'thank you points'
(We *want* you to use the option)

-- Getting positive votes GIVES the recipient a few 'thank you points'
(this is LongeCity's way of valuing high quality posters democratically. Those with a consistently good record will be able to buy some prizes from our virtual 'store')

-- Getting too many negative votes will place people on a watch list as a low quality contributor
(we will not ban people automatically based on this factor, but it will be a consideration)

--It is highly recommended that you tweak your settings (at the top of a thread) so that negative posts don't show in full.
(This will hopefully improve you forum experience, filtering out the garbage.)

-- NEGATIVE votes are for low-quality contributions only, do NOT vote a post down simply because you disagree
(this is so important that we'll think about putting in in the user agreement. Come on, you are grown ups, vote on quality, not sympathy)

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