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aging biomarkers- breath sample trial

Looking for volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area

We are researching the biomarkers in breath and planning a small pilot study with a handful of volunteers in the San Francisco Bay area.

The attached leaflet explains the background and procedure.
Giving a breath sample (at the SENS Foundation parking lot, in Mountain View) takes five minutes.
Sampling appointments can be booked for any timeslot (including evening and weekends) 01-14th March by emailing: alexandra.stolzing@sens.org

We need volunteers across a wide age range, so please state your age when you make contact and don't be disappointed that we cannot accept everyone.
If there are any questions please feel free to contact: Prof. Alexandra Stolzing at the address above
And please feel free to share this invite with those interested in aging research, especially seniors.

participant information leaflet (.pdf)

link to video about the breath sampler