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There are different ways of writing for LongeCity, in two basic categories: Content and Articles  
All contributions are subject to the general LongeCity User agreement. In short: authors keep full copyright of the article, but grant a free perpetual and worldwide license to LongeCity for non-commercial use. 

Contributing Content 
➥ Forum posts:
Forum posting that is consistently of interest and of good quality will automatically be awarded '₮hankYou' points which can be redeemed for vouchers at online stores such as amazon. Immortality Institute Members have the option of moderating their own topics, thus ensuring high-quality discussions.   
➥  Blogs: You can either start a blog at LongeCity or synchronise a blog that you maintain elsewhere. Group blogs are possible. We might also ask you to do a regular column.

Contributing Articles
➥  Commissioned topics: 800-1500 word (ca. 2-3 pages) articles on any of the open topics listed below. Send a finished manuscript to caliban@longecity.org. Responses can be expected within ca. 2 weeks. 
➥  Submit an exposé for a new topic: You can send us a 200 word article outline. If accepted, you will be invited to submit a full article. Please use the contact form
Reward per published article: $180 (a premium may be awarded)

 -- current open commissions (2020)--
- Brain transplantation: a medical impossibility?
- Cancer Risks in everyday products
- Current clinical trials particularly relevant to life extension
- DIYbio projects directed at life extension
- Gene Therapy: An update
- Heart attacks and strokes – emergency measures.
- Is advanced artificial intelligence the key to life extension?
- Lay diagnosis: spotting warning signs that could save your life
- Leaving Earth: seeding human life elsewhere
- Life extension enthusiasts in history: lessons for today
- Long term planning: trends and projections until 2200
- Mapping the life extension scene
- Nanomedicine: recent advances
- Overpopulation and Life Extension
- Prepping: the 10 most useful tips
- Profile: ‘XXX’ – a life extension pioneer
- Religion and the life extension movement: at loggerheads?
- Religion, Pets, Relationships: Lifestyle and life expectancy.
- Sport & bodybuilding: will it extend or shorten your lifespan?
- Stress & Aging: what is the evidence?
- Supplements with a proven life extension benefit – any?