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Midsummer 2011 Redesign

During today's downtime a number of new features were implemented:

1) Design: with the help of the winning desinger we are starting to implement customisations. We are also looking at a new 'skin' for the forum for a fresh new look.

2) Tags: Topic starters can now designate tags to their posts and thereby cross-reference posts to broader themes and topics. Potentially a very powerful tool to make LongeCity a more powerful information repository while maintaining the community-driven ethos.

3) Customised 'recent topics' - many people who use this feature regularly will enjoy the new capacity to only include certain forums in the automated collection.

4) Operability: a number of technical tweaks should hopefully make the forums quicker to navigate.

These are just some of the new features, others are still bedding in.
A few words about that and a request for feedback here.



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