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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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taking action...

What can I do!?

This is a natural question that those sharing the mission to abolish the blight of involuntary death often ask.
At LongeCity, we are providing a lot of community-sourced suggestions and for a long while we have wrestled with a succinct answer. Such a ‘take action’ page as provided by other organisations is still something we are looking to polish… but maybe the question also deserves a slightly longer answer – especially for those young people (whether in life or at heart, we get a lot of them especially at LongeCity) who ask the question in the context of planning to (re)orient their entire life and career towards life extension. 

Over the next few months, I’m hoping to develop a short ‘primer’ to help with this most weighty of decisions.
This task is certainly too big, too important to be monopolized. I would therefore welcome any suggestions and alternative perspectives during the drafting stages.

to be continued...


what does 'primer' mean here?
I imagine you are trying to ask for ideas of how to create a lot of jobs related to life extension, even if it takes time?
I've tried to rally people together to take action with the following two threads:


Whether it will help is another matter though I keep bumping it and pointing people towards it. :)

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