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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Research funding 2013: Expression of interest sought

LongeCity continues to support small-scale, high-impact life extension research with community crowdfunding.
(For a review of previous projects see here)

Projects should:
- aim to make a scientific contribution to the extension of the human lifespan
- be applied research or basic research with some potential for applied development
- present short updates for LongeCity Members with interim data, photos from the facility etc at agreed intervals
- be led or overseen by a person with a postgraduate qualification in the relevant field or by a person with demonstrable equivalent experience
- have a flexible project structure that can be adjusted according to the amount of money raised
- be small in scale - one or two key workers
- be short in duration - approx 6 months maximum
- not be confidential. LongeCity will expect open and public presentation and discussion of research results. However, confidentiality will be accepted where a manuscript or patent is in preparation.

In 2013, we are not just matching, but trebling donations
LongeCity will launch a call for donations. Every donation received will be trebled. Projects can have a total budget of $3.000- $21.000. (Hence needing to raise only $1.000-$7.000)

Interested applicants should send
- a project outline of no more than 1000 words written in lay language (can be supported by up to 10 literature references)
- a curriculum vitae of the project leader
to research@longecity.org

Deadline: July 1st 2013 (or until further notice).


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