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  • Submitted: Aug 11 2017 04:30 PM
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simple life extension stack

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low dose multivitamin vitamin c red wine extract enalapril metformin cranberry extract pravastatin


Stephen Spindler's work has convinced me that overly complex stacks are probably counterproductive. I am one of those overly suggestible health food store customers who wants to try everything, so this is an attempt at simplification. The multi is RDA level and is only intended to protect against inadvertent deficiency, in keeping with Bruce Ames's triage theory. I don't expect life extension from vitamin C, but I find it very helpful for its antistress effect. The red wine preparation has 5 mg. of resveratrol, which is roughly what one could obtain with wine consumption. Since resveratrol appears to be a hormetin, it seems safest to limit consumption to the levels suggested by epidemiology. The cranberry extract helps with my prostate. This use of cranberry is broscience, and I didn't expect it to work. It does, though, and for me it is quite a bit better than saw palmetto or any of several other expensive prostate supplements. The ace inhibitor/statin combo was also suggested by one of Spindler's papers. I use pravastatin because it has the least effect on blood sugar regulation, and is probably less toxic than other statins in other ways as well, as seen here, here, and here. Finally, metformin is included as a potential CR mimetic, which I hope will be synergstic with the resveratrol.

I am not particularly disciplined about diet, but I try to limit sugar and eat nuts every day.

My hope is that, in keeping with the 80/20 rule, I will get the majority of the benefit available from current interventions with a minimum amount of trouble and expense.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
low dose multivitamin 1 pill(s) Daily with breakfast
vitamin C 500 mg Daily with breakfast
red wine extract 60 mg Daily with breakfast
enalapril 10 mg Daily with breakfast
metformin 1000 mg Daily with breakfast
vitamin C 500 mg Daily with dinner
cranberry extract 500 mg Daily with dinner
metformin 1000 mg Daily with dinner
pravastatin 40 mg Daily before bed