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Snozzberry Scientist
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  • Submitted: Apr 27 2019 04:07 PM
  • Views: 4590

Happy and healthy

- - - - -
ashwagandha extract 5% acetyl carnitine bacopa extract tumeric + piperine uridine monophosphate (sublingually) zinc mushrooms mix magnesium citrate korean ginseng extract (7%) melatonin moringa powder caffeine + theanine 2:1


I am open to additions, detractions, or critiques.
Have had great success with this stack, benefits noted are:
1)boosted my immune system
2) better focus
3)reduced stress
4)enhanced my energy levels
5) I generally feel happier and healthier.

1)yoga 2X a week
2)sleep 7-8 hours a night
3)lift weights 3X a week
4)challenge my mind in some way every day
5) Diet: 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, high saturated fat, moderate carbs, and high protein diet.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Ashwagandha Extract 5% 1 gram twice daily Morning and before bed.
acetyl carnitine .5 gram Daily Morning
Bacopa extract .5 gram Daily Morning and evening
Tumeric + piperine 5 gram Daily No instructions provided.
Uridine Monophosphate (sublingually) 150 mg Daily No instructions provided.
Zinc 25 mg Daily Morning
Mushrooms Mix 250 mg Daily No instructions provided.
Magnesium Citrate 200 mg Daily Before bed
Korean Ginseng Extract (7%) 200 mg Daily Morning
Melatonin .5 mg every other day Bedtime
Moringa powder 3 gram Daily Morning
Caffeine + Theanine 2:1 -- Daily Morning and at noon

Snozzberry Scientist
Apr 27 2019 04:16 PM

Forgot to mention 1 gram EPA, 750 mg DHA daily.