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  • Submitted: Sep 03 2014 12:55 AM
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First Study Stack

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oxiracetam choline caffeine


So, this is my first go at a stack for studying (I'm doing physics at university). I've heard good things about oxiracetam for logical thinking, and also know it needs to be combined with choline. I'm not certain on doses though - I've read mixed things. Any advice would be much welcome! The caffeine is likely to vary - I usually drink 1-3 cups of coffee each day. How's this stack looking? Anything need adding? (I'm trying to keep it reasonably simple, at least to start...)


Also - any advice on a good source of choline would be helpful. Are any better than others?


Last question (I promise) - can anyone recommend reliable suppliers of oxiracetam and choline to the UK? I'm a bit nervous about buying online, because it's hard to tell who you can trust...



Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Oxiracetam 1000 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Choline 200 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Caffeine 200 mg Daily No instructions provided.

Ok... should I be worried? Just read this article on the dangers of racetams, and it seems like a lot of people have had bad experiences?!


 Cant answer You that question, it seems problematic.


You could try :

- Rhodiola Rosea because it increases Dopamine via ( reversible) mao inhibition.

- egcg ( green tea polyphenols) because it releases glutamate and increases Shh( sonic hedgehog) in the Hippocampus

Keep in mind that this is a potent bloodthinner via reducing platelet count, among others


See this very informative site:




- Clausenamide, from Clausena lansium,  could be a herbal alternative



- Hupericine

Not sure whether its a everyday thing, I would rather cycle it and dont take any choline with it !

Because due possible chances of enduring cholinergic overactivation ( just my theory)

See: tabun/sarin/mustard-gas poisioning


I dont have much experience with them in regards of learning.

So its just hypothetical, because dopamine and glutamate are also implicated in learning.


Actually I just wanted to thank You for this very informative site,

but I guess the best thank would be by giving You those hints/suggestions ;-)


Hope they are actually helpful though ^^

I think the general rule for racetams is that they all affect people differently. And I'm pretty sure people have said to cease taking racetams if you experience any lasting side effects (effects lasting 2-3 days or something). Also I feel that some of them took an excess for their first time, which caused negative results. I can say myself that I took 2.4g of piracetam at first and had a terrible headache, cut it down to 1g, everything was much better. There is an n shaped dose response curve for racetams, after all.


It also doesn't make sense that some of them took it for 3 weeks and experienced chronic headaches... I mean, wouldn't you stop after having the first or second headache? Why push it to 3 weeks?


Plus, it's not like piracetam is the only nootropic out there, people can always switch to herbal nootropics or a different class of compounds altogether.