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  • Submitted: Sep 10 2014 05:02 AM
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Current Stack / Thoughts on Dosage & Timing

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piracetam aniracetam


Hello all, 


I have a quick question hopefully it's easy. I know I haven't really found a good answer to my question but let's ask people. I been on both  P/A for the last 3 weeks. Been doing them twice a day. My question is


1. how long should I stick with this dosage? 

2. If i need to increase the dosage how much do I increate each one? Is there a certain scale i need to follow? 

3. Since I don't get any headache when taking P/A should I still include choline to my stack? If I do need to add choline how much of a dosage do I need? 



Hopefully someone could give some feedback on dosage that way in the future i could follow that. 


Thank you all. 

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Piracetam 1000 gram twice daily Morning Time 9 am
Aniracetam 250 mg twice daily Morning Time 9 am

Any feedback on this? I thought someone would be able to answer my question... 

I think tonight I'm going to try going up on dosage by 250mg on each one. ...


Move from 

1gm of Piracetam to 1.250 of Piracetam twice a day ( afternoon/night time)

250mg of Aniracetam to 500mg of Aniracetam twice a day. (afternoon / night time)


I will add choline to this stack at 250mg of it twice a day (Afternoon / night time)


What do you guys think about this dosage?