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  • Submitted: Nov 03 2014 12:32 AM
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piracetam aniracetam oxiracetam


Hello all,

After looking around last night and some time this afternoon I decided to start a new stack. I have tried all of them by self so I have an idea what they do. I know some of them didn't work so great like others but now I'm trying this stack. The purpose for this stack for my studies , and a lot of reading I have to do. I have a big exam next month that I really want to pass. Any kind of boost to my brain, and be able to recall information I read would be awesome.


Well on to the stack. I will taking this stack 3 times day morning/afternoon / night time. Hopefully it's not to much but any feed back from you guy would be awesome. One other thing I did order pramiracetam last night to add to this stack.


Next week I will be adding Pramiracetam = 100 mg ( Morning / Night ) only 2 dosage to start with.

I know that pramiracetam is much stronger then piracetam so with that i want to take it slow. I guess the max you could take of pramiracetam is about 600mg per day. I could be wrong but I still want to be safe.


If anyone had tried this stack please let me know if my starting dosage are correct or to low or any other feedback you guys might have.


Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Piracetam 1600 mg Daily Morning / Afternoon / Night Time
Aniracetam 400 mg Daily Morning / Afternoon / Night Time
Oxiracetam 400 mg Daily Morning / Afternoon / Night Time