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  • Submitted: Jan 31 2015 04:11 PM
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Noopept & beginner Stack

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I recently brought and consuming these from almost a month
Brought all of it from powdercity, which i think is pretty reliable!

ALCAR- 1g*3/day
Choline bitrate- 1g*3/day
caffeine- 100mg*2/day
l thenine- 200mg*3/day
NOOPEPT- 10-20mg*3/day

All these i consume by mixing these powder together, and put it in ~300ml water, add some tango orange powder to eliminate bitter nootropic taste, and drink it usually on empty stomach.

So far i've not felt any noticeable effect! especially the way some people describe their experience with noopept.
Although i think there might be a very subtle effect on concentration and nothing else much.

Is there anything wrong with the way i consume it or the dosage?

Also a lil background... I do not suffer from any kind of disease or mental disorder! I am fairly normal and workout regularly.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
noopept 15 mg twice daily No instructions provided.

Too much Noopept.  Personally I find even 5mg builds up and becomes too much very quickly, the perfect dose is almost too small to measure.  When people say they don't experience anything with nootropics, it's usually because they've overshot the sweet spot.  Almost every post I read on here involves taking far too much of everything!