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  • Submitted: Feb 07 2015 03:57 PM
  • Date Updated: Feb 07 2015 04:41 PM
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Start with the right foot Stack

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fish oil vitamin b complex magnesium citrate ultracholine neurochill caffeine and theanine capsules artichoke forskolin stack noopept tyrosine


Additional information here: http://www.longecity...al/#entry712352


My plan is to take since day 1: Vitamins B Complex, Magnesium Citrate, UltraCholine, Neurochill and Fish oil

  • week 1 - Caffeine and Theanine (I read it’s a good place to start)
  • week 2 – add Artichoke & Forskolin to the others
  • after 1 month - add Tyrosine (or Noopept)
  • after 2 months - add Noopept (or Tyrosine)

And to look for good and less good efects in the way.


Can you give some advice? (Minor tweaks if possible)

I’m making big mistakes?

- I can’t remember where, but I read something like Bacopa is not good with Artichoke & Forskolin Stack! Is that true? Because Neurochill has Bacopa.

- There is some incompatibilities between the things I’ve choosed?

- Can I take all this stuff together?

- Any of this things need cycling?

- Do I need any racetam? Or noopept can do almost  the same effect?

- I'm making mistakes with what it's better in the morning and in the afternoon?


Thanks in advance for all the answers

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Fish oil 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Vitamin B Complex 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Magnesium Citrate 400 mg Daily Morning
UltraCholine 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Neurochill 1 pill(s) Daily Afternoon
Caffeine and Theanine Capsules 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Artichoke & Forskolin Stack 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Noopept 10 mg Daily Afternoon
Tyrosine 500 mg Daily Morning