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  • Submitted: May 06 2015 06:06 AM
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Maybe Study Stack

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aniracetam noopept


Hello all,
Well it's been a while since I posted. I been busy with life and work. Well I got off my big stack where i was taking about 5 to 6 different nootropics. I been off for about 2 months now. I just recent started taking piracetam once again to see if it did anything for me. Just like before it did nothing for me. I stayed on it for about 1 month here and there missing 1 /2 days during the week.

I'm decided that I need to move on and try aniracetam once again. I have always loved this nootropic plus oxiracetam.
Well i started about a week ago on aniracetam, so far so good but i got inpatient and stack it with noopept. Now my question what do you guys think about this stack.

Now is that a good dosage to start with on noopept or aniracetam?

I'm back on studying for and exam in about 2 months that I need to pass for work. Please let me know what you guys think any feedback would be awesome.


Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Aniracetam 500 mg Daily Morning
Aniracetam 500 mg Daily Afternoon
Aniracetam 500 mg Daily Evenings
Noopept 10 mg Daily Night time when studying