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  • Submitted: May 08 2015 01:53 PM
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Noopept Piracetam Alpha gpc

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noopept alpha gpc paracetam alcar bacopa monnieri omega 3 ultra caffine multivitamin


Stack designed to give nutrients and racetams along with Bacca

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Noopept 30 mg Daily Morning, Lunch and evening meal
Alpha GPC 500 mg Daily Morning
Paracetam 6 gram Daily Morning, Lunch and tea
ALCAR 500 mg Daily Morning
Bacopa Monnieri 1 pill(s) Daily Teatime
Omega 3 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Ultra Caffine 1 pill(s) Daily As required but not after mid afternoon
Multivitamin 1 pill(s) Daily Morning

Still playing with the alpha gpc dosage, today dropping to 400mg to see tomorrow may not include it, depending on today. 

Went well today, in fact felt great most of the day.  Think i may have been over doing it with the chlorine gpc, time will tell. More tuning required :-)

Tied not using any Alpha GPC today, 2 hours after i got a headache.  So took 400mg of Alpha GPC, headache gone, mind feels nicely oiled. Funny expression but describes perfectly the feeling.

Omega 3 - Boots 1300mg capsules containing the following: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 95 mg & Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 250 mg


Lots of discussions on the forums of the benefits of EPA vs DHA and ratios. 

Alpha GPC dosage: 


Piracetam 1:8= 2000mg / 8 =250mg

Noopept 1:20 = 10mg x 20 = 200mg


This would make a total of 450mg x 3 = 1350mg per day.

This seems too high for me, and taking it after 1300 may cause problems with sleep later on (from what i have read). 


At the moment i am taking the dose of 400mg alpha gpc, once in the morning and once a lunchtime.  I will see how this goes.

Noopept dosage, reducing this to 20mg total, 10mg twice a day (morning and lunch). Reasons for this: many reports and evidence for a smaller dose on the web, less many be more person dependent.
Time for an update: Alpha gpc 50mg x 2 / day (I feel this element will need tuning per person) Omega 3 increased now two per day morning and lunch Added Urindine 200mg x 2 twice a day. Capped pills will 10mg noopept, 50mg alpha, 200mg Urindine. Updates to come.
Also changed piracetam to, 1.1g x 3 per day Feeling great today will update as to how this new blend goes....