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  • Submitted: Jul 19 2015 04:44 PM
  • Views: 2059

Horus Aha

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smart caffeine sulbutiamine nalt alpha gpc aniracetam noopept


This stack is suppose to help me become the best version of me. I have problems with concentration and motivation primary. There are also times when my creative ability is not active. (I'm a Marketing Manager)

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Smart Caffeine 2 pill(s) twice daily Morning & Afternoon
Sulbutiamine 600 mg twice daily Morning & Afternoon
NALT 300 mg twice daily Morning & Afternoon
Alpha GPC 300 mg twice daily Morning & Afternoon
Aniracetam 1200 mg twice daily Morning & Afternoon
Noopept 40 mg twice daily Morning & Afternoon

I was wondering if someone could help me with my stack. It is working for the most part but in the afternoon I am finding myself yawning very loudly. I don't want to take more smart caffeine because it seems like it would be over doing it. I am going to try b12 and a multi vitamin. I am thinking that something might be medically wrong because this is a lot of supplements. 


BTW. I have Zoloft which i stopped taking about two weeks ago so I can properly test this stack. but i took this stack with the Zoloft for one week and everything was great. I did taper off the Zoloft so withdrawal is not the issue.