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  • Submitted: Jul 29 2015 12:22 PM
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Memory, AMPA, RNA, Verbal fluency, Blood flow and Health stack

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noopept uridine oxiracetam inositol cdp-choline l-arginine/l-aakg


Ordered this from a well-known vendor,

Have had some experience in the past with noopept alone, no results or side effects.


Noopept 10-30mg

Uridine 500-1000mg

Oxiracetam 500-1200mg

Inositol 4000mg

CDP-choline 250mg (I know it's a low dosage)

L-arginine/L-AAKG 3-6G

Any thoughts on this?

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Noopept 30 mg twice daily +- 12 hours
Uridine 1000 mg twice daily +- 12 hours
Oxiracetam 1200 mg twice daily +- 12 hours
Inositol 4000 mg twice daily +- 12 hours
CDP-choline 250 mg twice daily +- 12 hours
L-arginine/L-AAKG 6000 mg twice daily +- 12 hours

Nov 03 2015 11:25 PM

http://www.lef.org says that uridine monophophate has cognition enhancing capabilities


Uridine-5'-monophosphate (UMP)is a compound naturally found in the milk of nursing mothers and is essential to humans when brains are the youngest. Uridine-5'-monophosphate also supports superior cognitive function in aging adults.


perhaps the monophosphate versionof the uridine described at Zybez list would be even more beneficial