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  • Submitted: Sep 20 2015 09:27 AM
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Stable performance and mood enhancement

- - - - -
nsi melatonine coluracetam green tea noopept centrophenoxine unifram coq10


Will keep it as short as possible with as much info as possible :)
Following this plan or any experimentation with substances/dosages is done on your own risk. Best is to start low and scale up (if needed). I prefer to stay on low-mid dosages.

NSI plan
First cycles - NSI only, 1 day - on - 1 day - break, NSI + whatever 1 on - 2 break, NSI + whatever 1 on - 3 break, NSI + whatever 1 on - 4 break
(by whatever - means not anything "hard" like sunifram etc. but something like coluracetam, melatonine, unifram etc)
Then my regular schedule would be 1 on and 4-6 days off, because even if I take it few days straight I didn't notice much additional gain. Maybe you would.

Hardcore version - I don't have a need (and time) for such a tightly micro managed combo, but here it is:

Day 1
evening - NSI, 2hours, melatonine low dose, have a nice sleep

Day 2
morning - C60-00(now I usually "mega" dose around 10-15ml per few days), whatever dietary supplements and herbs

later on - coluracetam(will get you more happy, nothing special), green tea(!much more energy!), coffee(same but I get more anxiety), noopept, centrophenoxine(clean energy fore me, I really miss not having it as pills), unifram(work machine)

evening - optionally NSI; melatonine - for faster sleep

Day 3
morning - optionally coluracetam again, unifram, CoQ10 and like

later - centrophenoxine, green tea, coffee, noopept

evening - optionally melatonine - for faster sleep

Day 4-6
morning-mid - optionally centrophenoxine, green tea, coffee, noopept, CoQ10 and like

evening - optionally melatonine - for faster sleep


Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
NSI 30 mg Weekly best at the evening or pre-weekend, when you can just go to sleep or relax.
melatonine 3 mg Weekly with NSI if have troubles sleeping overall
Coluracetam 80 mg Daily every 1 or 2 days; dosage not sure - 2 mini scoops for me
green tea 1 serving(s) Daily I find it as a good /wake me up/ substance :)
noopept 30 mg -- when you feel you want to take it.
centrophenoxine 1-2 gram -- when you feel you want to take it.
unifram 15 mg Weekly Don't take too much.
CoQ10 1 pill(s) Daily If you want. Can boost energy.