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  • Submitted: Sep 24 2015 05:31 PM
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Depression/Anxiety Buster

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n-acetyl semax tianeptine sulfate fasoracetam


N-Acetyl Semax (nasal spray), Tianeptine Sulfate, and Fasoracetam all help alleviate/eliminate anxiety and depression.

Tianeptine Sulfate is the "time-released" alternative to Tianeptine Sodium.

Fasoracetam, in addition to being a great nootropic, helps prevent developing a tolerance to a wide variety of substances. Its effect builds/increases with use, rather than fading, and it has been shown to reduce learned helplessness in rats.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
N-Acetyl Semax 600 µg Daily Morning
Tianeptine Sulfate 37.5 mg Daily Morning
Fasoracetam 15 mg twice daily Morning and evening

Take fasoracetam sublingually, or you'll need 10x the dosage (150mg).

You can also replace Semax with N-Acetyl Selank (300mcg once per day) for a more direct anti-anxiety effect.

Interesting. I have never heard of any of these but I'm relatively new to nootropics so no big surprise there. Good results so far?