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  • Submitted: Oct 08 2015 12:30 AM
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Anxiety Relief

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phenibut n-acetyl selank n-acetyl semax fasoracetam magnesium


Phenibut can become addictive and tolerance can form, but if taken no more than once or twice per week at a dosage of 1g, then there isn't usually a problem. Additionally, fasoracetam helps maintain its effectiveness (fights tolerance), while providing anti-anxiety and nootropic effects.

N-Acetyl Selank and N-Acetyl Semax are similar compounds, with N-Acetyl Selank being an anxiolytic, and N-Acetyl Semax a (sometimes cleanly stimulating) mood/clarity enhancer.

Magnesium is a calming mineral that many are deficient in.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Phenibut 1 gram Weekly Morning
N-Acetyl Selank 300 µg Daily Morning
N-Acetyl Semax 600 µg Daily Morning
Fasoracetam 15 mg twice daily Morning and afternoon (sublingually)
Magnesium 200 mg twice daily Morning and before bed

Adam Karlovsky
Jan 11 2016 09:46 PM

How does it work for you? Give us a before and after comparison, perhaps? Have you tried eliminating each item one at a time to see if there are any dead weight supplements? 

Doesn't magnesium cause anxiety?