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  • Submitted: Jul 27 2014 04:25 AM
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Study Stack v1

* * * * -
melatonin tablet acetyl-l-carnitine cdp-choline oxiracetam noopept

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Melatonin Tablet 0.5-3 mg Daily Before bed
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 200-250 mg Daily Dissolve with flavored water based drink (Vitamin Water is good) and consume over the course of the day as needed.
CDP-Choline 200-250 mg Daily Dissolve and consume over the course of the day as needed.
Oxiracetam 1400 mg Daily Dissolve consume over the course of the day as needed.
Noopept 30 mg Daily Dissolve and consume over the course of the day as needed. May take time to dissolve so mix at least 8 hours beforehand.
Phenylpiracetam (optional) 100 mg Twice a week Dissolve and consume before exams or study session.
Sunifiram (optional) 10 mg Twice a week Dissolve and consume before exams or study session.
Caffeine (optional) 200 mg Twice a week Dissolve and consume before exams or study session.
(Reduced) Glutathione Capsule 500 mg Daily As soon as you wake up

In my personal experience:



- Can be dissolved in Vitamin Water (a full 20oz - XXX or DragonFruit flavor preferably... fruit punch is nasty) for easy consumption throughout the day (Tastes decent and leaves a mild chemical aftertaste that goes away quickly)

- Faster absorption due to liquid solution (Don't quote me on this - I'm not 100% sure)

- Mild to moderate euphoria (setting dependent)

- Great focus

- Promotes NGF and BDNF

- Increased short term/long term memory + music appreciation

- Improved color contrast/image sharpness in the center of vision**



- Excessive muscle stimulation (twitching)

- Tolerance. Ingredients labelled (Optional) should not be used daily to avoid tolerance. As always, cycle.

- Possible emotional blunting. Setting dependent.


TIP: If your study session is late at night and you experience tired/dry eyes or start feeling sleepy, before taking a swig of this, try going to the bathroom and washing your face. If that's impossible, try artificial tears/lubricating eye drops (not the ones meant to reduce redness). Refresh Plus or Systane Ultra (preservative free single-use vials) works well for me. 


Edit 8/9/14:


Extended description/breakdown of ingredients:


Melatonin 0.5-3mg -  I included this so that it would be easier to get to sleep after consuming the stack. It is also a powerful antioxidant. If you wake up in the morning after a full night's sleep (7 hours or so) feeling sleepy or your eyes won't open, turn on your cell phone/computer and use it for a minute. the bright white light will destroy the remaining enzymes keeping you asleep. - I forgot the name behind this mechanism but it's similar to how sunlight wakes you up in the morning.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine - I included this because of its antioxidant/neuroprotective properties, as well as how it assists in the synthesis of choline. Overall synergistic with the other ingredients.


CDP-Choline/Citicoline - This is the main choline source as well as a nootropic in its own right. Increases dopamine levels, improves vision, regulates glutathione, among others.


Reduced Glutathione - Good general purpose antioxidant. I use Jarrows brand capsules for convenience.


Oxiracetam - I picked this over other racetams because of several reasons. First, it is neutral-sweet tasting and won't change the taste of the vitamin water much. Second, it is water soluble. Third, it is stronger than piracetam and requires a lower dose to achieve the same effects. Fourth, it has stimulant properties.


Noopept - This didn't do much on it's own for me. When I added it to the stack, it noticeably improved focus. Also stimulates BDNF and NGF.


Phenylpiracetam - I labelled this as optional because of the tolerance issues (builds fast). It is a more potent form of piracetam and has stimulant properties. When added to the stack, motivation to complete tasks improved immensely. Mild euphoria was also present.


Sunifiram - This is optional also because of tolerance. it provided significant focus on its own. I felt that it improved focus and increased euphoria when combined with the main stack. 


Caffeine - I added this to the stack once on a whim. I have a natural caffeine tolerance so I usually require upwards of 300mg to feel threshold effects. I didn't think it would do much when I combined it but it synergized well and provided physical stimulation and mental alertness. Please dose accordingly, 200mg is strong for some individuals.




**as a result, my reading speed increased (I was reading words individually - similar to spreeder/spritz) but peripherals remained unchanged




I hope this stack helps other college students out there. Good luck with studies!


Please post if you have tried this stack and your experiences, as well as any improvements that I can make on it. Thanks!

Aug 17 2014 04:12 AM

Did you figure out what was causing the muscle twitching? 

Did you figure out what was causing the muscle twitching? 


Without using the (optionals), muscle twitching is almost nonexistent. I usually experienced that when using too much caffeine because it synergized too well. The feeling is pretty close to coffee jitters and moderate doses of adderall so I recognized that it was most likely the caffeine.


Noopept seems to be the cause the minor emotional blunting so cycling may be needed (depending on the person).


Also, caffeine is extremely bitter so taste is significantly altered when I add 250+mg to a standard vitamin water... using standard 200mg caffeine pills is a good taste alternative (however you sacrifice the convenience of gradual consumption)

Chrystoph Kardashev
Nov 01 2014 07:09 PM

Hey are you still taking this stack? I decided i'll give it a try minus the caffeine and see if it helps me with the numerous buisness-related tasks as well as some reading I need to get done. I suffer from adhd-type symptoms, anxiety and various motor ticks so I might have to drop the optionals if they increase the prevalence of ticks or increase anxiety. Is this safe for long-term brain health? Withdrawal symptoms? Thanks.