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  • Submitted: Jan 10 2016 11:11 PM
  • Date Updated: Oct 11 2017 02:48 AM
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Longevity & Mood Stack (Comprehensive)

* * * * -
hormone support (formulated supplement) unlabelled 1 (formulated supplement) unlabelled 2 (formulated supplement) selegiline memantine metformin glucosamine doze (formulated supplement) melatonin naltrexone ibutamoren


This could easily fit into the Alertness, Cognition, Mood category, too. In a way it's been designed with both two goals: longevity and mood.

~Premix Contents~

Hormone Support: 25 mg DHEA, 25 mg pregnenolone.

Unlabelled 1: 325 mg [Sarcosine, Theacrine, Guarana extract], 325 mg [Ashwagandha extract, Nigella extract, Nelumbo extract].

Unlabelled 2: dosage variable [AL-carnitine, DL-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, Taurine,  Nicotinic Acid, Citicoline, Broccoli Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Bacosides,  Curcumin, Olive Leaf Extract, Agmatine, β-alanine, Pepper, High-Capsaicin Chilli, Mustard, Seaweed, Cytisine].

Doze (formulated supplement): 325mg [Theanine, Centilla extract, Magnolia extract], 325mg [Oleamide, GABA, 5-HTP]

~Notes on Lifestyle~

I try to eat a methionine/cysteine restricted, plant-based diet + oysters daily. I'll aim for a min. 250g spinach/kale a day and tend to use extra virgin olive oil or coconut for fat. I'll eat natto every now and then. I'll mix glycine powder into my food.  I'll drink green and black tea with ginger, and also drink cacao with unhomogenized milk and honey. I make a DIY hydrogen water. I try to exercise at least 20 minutes a day. I try to get as much naked sun exposure as is practical, and follow up with either extra virgin olive oil or a 0.5 μM methylene blue with astaxanthin cream on my skin to restock the antioxidants. I take 5000 iu Vitamin Dand a 1000 mg magnesium glycinate and a 1000 mg of potassium citrate.

~For mood disorder~

Only when required: 300 mg Moclobemide, 50 mg Tianeptine Sulphate, somtimes Psilocybin.

~Other Useful Supplements~

Every now and then I'll take: vitamin a (retinyl palmitate), or creatine (monohydrate). Piracetam is useful for acute neuroprotection. Quercetin, reishi and monolaurin are useful if I'm acutely sick.

Annually: I'll run a winter cycle of retin-A on my skin to kill cancer cells and blemishes. I'll follow up with a little melanotan for oxytocin and protection of the skin. Each winter I plan to do a month of ketosis and a long (5 day+) fast with rapamycin adjunct, and each summer I plan to do a month of carbosis. The idea here is that healthy cells adapt to such changes in macronutrient intake, but most cancer cells cannot. The logic behind the timing of these cycles are working with the mammalian seasonal rhythms of hormones and gene expressions.

If they were cheaper and/or available: I'd add tributyrin for healthspan, and sodium oxybate for sleep (instead of the Sleep Blend).


~Notes on compounds I don't take (currently)~

Hormone Replacement Therapy: I will very likely take proper HRT when I'm older, or if I have any detectable hormone deficiencies.
Very Promising Compounds: Nicotinamide RibosideCannabidiolHomotaurine

Promising Compounds: I try to keep track of potentially safe an useful compounds. So far I think Agomelatine, Berberine, Silymarin, Betaine, Pterostilbene, Astaxanthin, Boron Citrate, Citrulline Malate, Centrophenoxine, PEG MGF, Bromantane, Palmitylethanolamide, Vorinostat, Dasatinib, Nicergoline, Hydergine, and Propanolol all have good potential.

Other Popular Compounds:

Aspirin, I've decided there's no point in taking both aspirin and glucosamine at the same time. Glucosamine seems to have less trade-offs, but I'll keep updating my opinion as I read more.

c60oo, I am waiting for the n=500 rat study to complete, or other further data, before deciding on it's merit. 

Methylene Blue, taken orally, it worries me that it may be great for cognition but terrible for longevity. It has effects on the cardiovascular system via eNOS and nobody has assessed this risk. I am currently assessing this risk right now.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Hormone support (formulated supplement) 1 serving(s) Daily 7am, see contents and dosages in description above.
Unlabelled 1 (formulated supplement) 1 serving(s) Daily 7 am, See contents and dosages in description above.
Unlabelled 2 (formulated supplement) 1 serving(s) Daily 7am, see contents and dosages in description above.
Selegiline 1.25 mg Daily 7 am, for healthspan, lifespan and mood
Memantine 15 mg Daily 7 am, for NMDA sensitivity/stability and cognitive protection
Metformin 250 mg Daily w/ Dinner, for AMPK and lipids (longevity), and sleep
Glucosamine 1000 mg Daily w/ Dinner, for healthspan and lifespan
Doze (formulated supplement) 1 serving(s) Daily See contents and dosages in description above.
Melatonin 1.25 mg Daily 9 pm, for circadian rhythm, and healthspan
Naltrexone 1.5 mg Daily 9 pm, for opioid sensitivity/stability, inflammation and mood
Ibutamoren 15 mg Daily 9 pm, for deeper sleep, recovery and improved appetite

Adam Karlovsky
Jan 10 2016 11:16 PM

[Deleted post integrated into Regime Description]

Also, if you're not going to give it 5 stars, please comment below and suggest what could improve it.

Interesting. How about an an intranasal insulin spray in the morning? - along with eliminating the Phenibut at night - I think its a waste of its effects of enhancing sociability to use it at night. Much rather micro dose it during the day or cycle on and off. 


>Each winter I plan to do a month of ketosis and a long (5 day+) fast with rapamycin adjunct

Have you actually done this? and whats the deal with rapamycin adjunct?



Adam Karlovsky
Apr 16 2017 12:55 AM

Why would I want to use insulin spray in the morning? I imagine that just give me low blood sugar (perhaps deepen ketosis) and little to no other benefits.

Phenibut has been a life-changer for me - increasing sleep quality at night is much more important than making up for sleep-deficit related mood problems during the day. Sleep is fundamental, if you get it right, then you'll have phenibut-like effects throughout the day just naturally. I think many people with depression and anxiety have sleep issues, and fixing sleep can help reduce depression and anxiety. Have you tried taking phenibut for sleep? Most people haven't, in fact most people in the west don't even use it therapeutically, they'll tend to use it recreationally, which I think is really, really dumb (unsafe).

As of the date of this post, I have done many bouts of ketosis and fasting over the years, but I haven't done rapamycin yet. The logic behind adding rapamycin adjunct to the fast is to drastically increase autophagy in a small period of time. It's about time-efficiency, fasting and rapamycin each have side effects, and I'd rather get the side effects over and done with in a week rather than draw it out over the year with chronic rapamycin intake and regular bouts of fasting. There is also evidence that fasting really only effects autophagy effectively when sustained for many days in a row, as such, I assume regular, short fasts is not very useful for longevity, and the reviews on human fasting seem to agree.