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  • Submitted: Mar 23 2016 06:54 PM
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My impulse buy ADHD/depression stack Please critizise

* - - - -
magnesium citrate and chelate

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
magnesium citrate and chelate 800 mg twice daily one before bedtime and one in the day.
no -- -- No instructions provided.

Fuck I pressed send while trying to paste it all.


You can read it here instead if Admin doens't want to take this post away since I don't seem to be able to do that myself...



Here is a image of the stack at least. Im out of energy to rewrite everything Im going to bed for a while now. Thanks.


Additional info down below


So how bad did I fuck this impulse buy stack ??

Worth stating is also that I live in a country with very nasty laws around these kind of things so it would for example be almost impossible for me to get my hands on some piracetam for example.

According to my 23andme genes:

I have low MAO and low oxytocin levels as well as a short 5-HTTLPR. Im so fucked I don't know where to begin honestly. (Oh by the way can we use curse words on this forum??)
I came across this slightly odd blog which said that Ginko could help with low mao as I understood it. I believe that it said that mice had been showing less agressive behavior when it was administerd. Wait ! I found the link! http://selfhacked.co...e-warrior-gene/ I had some rhodiola rosea but discontinued that because it could lower my already low MAO levels apperently?

Also my drd4 has some issues. As well as MTHFR problems. I think that was just some of it but:
Please give me good advice about this stuff since I have no clue. Thanks very much