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  • Submitted: Apr 03 2016 07:44 PM
  • Views: 2435

Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

- - - - -
noopept aniracetam phenylpiracetam pramiracetam fish oil


Hello everyone,
my current stack consists of the listed supplements to combat a neurodegenerative disorder of mine and at the same time possibly alleviate some of my rather heavy anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue.
I was wondering if someone who has a clear grasp of those substances and possibly even combined them himself, could tell me if my stack could be considered safe or beneficial an whether I should reduce some dosages or exclude certain substances.
I was also planning to possibly add Coluracetam and Oxiracetam eventually, if I tolerate this stack well long term. So far I felt slightly odd (I know I could not possibly give a more inaccurate description, but I have only taken the stack for 2 days and I will update with a proper evaluation soon) the first 1-2 hours after ingesting the stack, but I hope this will fade as my body gets used to it.
I also take Lamotrigine against Bipolar Type 2.
And lastly my neurodegenerative disease's mechanism of action seems to be the inability to properly regulate calcium levels in cells which ultimately leads to cell death, should it matter for anyone with a deeper medical background.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Noopept 10 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Aniracetam 750 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Phenylpiracetam 200 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Pramiracetam 600 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Fish Oil 1 pill(s) twice daily taken together since my whole stack is fat soluble

neurodegenerative disease not disorder* sorry typo, and cant seem to find an edit button.
additionally I forgot to mention that I plan to add 
CDP choline as a choline source soon.
so far I simply consumed roughly 2 eggs every 1-2 days

seems like this sub is pretty dead since the restructuration/relocation..

I would cycle the racetams, especially Phenylpiracetam, it WILL lose it's efficency. Noopept is supposed to be cycled. You could go three days PP, four days Prami. On top two weeks Noo, one week Ani. This way you will also learn much more about the individual racetams.

You said you take fish oil with these as they are all fat soluble. Are you sure they are all fat soluble??