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  • Submitted: Apr 13 2016 09:10 PM
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10 Nootropic Stack

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oxiracetam l-tyrosine 5-htp lions mane uridine b12 magnesium and zinc alpha gpc ginkgo biloba


I've been in a slump recently where i can't get any work done or do anything productive. So I decided so look into the world of nootropics , and after days of research I decided to take these 10 supplements. I wanted to get someone else's opinion on whether or not I should be taking these nootropics and any other advice I can receive. I am 21 year old college student transferring to a big university so I need any help I can get before I start doing serious work.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Oxiracetam 800 mg Daily No instructions provided.
L-Tyrosine -- Daily No instructions provided.
5-HTP -- Daily No instructions provided.
Lions Mane -- Daily No instructions provided.
Uridine -- Daily No instructions provided.
B12 -- Daily No instructions provided.
B1 -- Daily No instructions provided.
Magnesium and Zinc -- Daily No instructions provided.
Alpha GPC -- Daily No instructions provided.
GInkgo Biloba -- Daily No instructions provided.

Adam Karlovsky
Apr 13 2016 11:08 PM

Oxi is a good choice, L-tyrosine can't hurt, I wouldn't touch 5-HTP for various reasons, I prefer Bacopa over Lions because there's more evidence of it's efficacy in humans.

Uridine is a good choice, but I am not sure, do you need both uridine and Alpha GPC? You could get the benefits of both by taking CDP choline instead, as it converts partially to uridine.

B12 is good, go for the methyl form, but I am not sure why you'd want B1... perhaps makes more sense to take methylfolate?
Make sure your mag and zinc are high quality, I tend to go for the chelated forms (glycinate or something like that), and don't overdo the zinc (there is such thing as too much!)

Some people speak very highly of Ginkgo, but I think it's relatively worthless.


I hope that helps! Good luck, and remember being productive is more than just nootrpics. Use Google Calendar and HabitRPG to get your life organized. Keep track of your short term goals, break up tasks into subtasks. Sleep enough! Surround yourself with people more intelligent than you, and be passionate.

Don't start with a stack or you will never know what works or what doesn't.