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  • Submitted: Aug 07 2016 08:36 PM
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Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

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prl-8-53 pramiracetam sulbutiamine ginseng bacopa ginko biloba nsi-189 noopept alpha-gpc


Do you see any interractions in my stack ? Is it dangerous all together ?

Every comment is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
PRL-8-53 20 mg Daily No instructions provided.
Pramiracetam 125 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Sulbutiamine 400 mg Daily No instructions provided.
Ginseng, Bacopa, Ginko Biloba 1 serving(s) Daily No instructions provided.
NSI-189 20 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
Noopept 10 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
alpha-GPC 300 mg twice daily No instructions provided.

I forgot to add RITALIN (40mg/day) in the aforementioned stack

When you form such an aggressive regimen, you should make sure that every one of the pills you're taking is effective. Otherwise you're taxing your liver and wasting money for no good reason.

I didn't notice any cognition or memory enhancing effect from sulbutiamine. It gives a nice buzz though. Most people, including me, develop a marked tolerance to sulbutiamine very quickly so that's something to anticipate if you're new to the drug.

Noopept gave me a really weird feeling. No nootropic effect for me.

I didn't notice anything substantial from the herbs on your list. But if they work for you, great. Galantamine is one of the few herbs that seemed to produce a positive effect on my memory (i'm a healthy adult).

You should first cover the basics: functional foods and vitamins that are pretty much guaranteed to have an effect. And focus on synergies.

For example, nutritional yeast + salmon fish eggs + alpha GPC (or raw egg yolks) to get the effective dha+uridine+choline combo. By choosing functional foods instead of supplements, you'd be getting all kinds of beneficial compounds, not just few isolated ones.

Berocca (effervescent) is the most effective multivitamin/mineral i've tried. I take a quarter of a tablet twice a day. Sublingual methylcobalamin works well too.

Hi Dorho. Thanks a lot for your feedback.


I agree with you for the liver. Sulbutiamine will be stopped at week 4.


Im not sure Noopept gives me a premium : 10mg sublingually isn't noticied. Not even 20mg. I guess my memory is improved however no special feeling at all.


This stack doesn't mean I doesn't eat well though. I was planning a fish oil intake, I'll do some research on dha+uridine+choline combo for sure.


About Berocca, it's funny I forgot to mention, I take 1 every week. However, despite having a LOT of vitamins (probably too much), the forms are not the most bioavailable on the market (often, the cheapest form is prefered).

what about something Glutamergic like Sytrinol or Cinnamon ?  given it´s safe and doens´t fry Your brain over the time due to too much glutamate b/c noopept, racetams and NSI may or may not do this, I dont know.


because I have anyway a bad memory but it got even worse when smoking weed + Curcuma/Tumeric and I suppose that the anti-glutamergic effects are responsible for this.


btw look into this about cinnamon:

Cinnamon converts poor learning mice to good learners—implications for memory improvement


That information about Cinnamon is precious. I will eat more of it for sure (plus I love it) ! In yoghourt should be fine


EDIT : just ordered organic Ceylon cinnamon, and it taste so good. Ty Flex

Eliminate the Ritalin (get more sleep?). And everything affecting glutamate receptors...in long term this desensitizes the receptors, some are going even in the way of affecting beta amyloids...

I would eliminate Ritalin and everything, affecting glutamate receptors. In long term, it will only desensitize your receptors, leading to LTD or even be neurotoxic (prmoting beta amyloid - you don't wanna get Alzheimer's when you age, don't you?)

Try sulbutiamine not daily, but up to three times a week, because of rapidly increasing tolerance, and higher dose, like 800mg - much better effect(I've tried up to 1.2g and I haven't noticed better effect above 1g.). You barely feel nothing after 10mg of noopept, at least 30mg - daily, I was taking mostly 2x30mg, sometimes 3x30mg, one dosage an hour before before exam/work. At 90mg(or 60mg If tired) taken in short term, you're starting to be a bit nervous,(aggresive?). Noopept has a short half-life period, something like 2-4hours(im not sure, but short). About PRL - its not cheap for me so to avoid building tolerance I was taken 5-10mg daily, or If I needed 20mg I wasnt taking it during weekends, and it works.