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  • Submitted: Jan 22 2017 07:16 PM
  • Views: 2343

mental/physical combo stack

- - - - -
noopept piracetam oxiracetam alpha gpc sulbutiamine


Hello, im actually extremely new to racetams(first exposure was 3 days ago), but it immediately caught my attention and i have already created a stack for myself. i wanted some opinions on whether or not if it is a viable stack for learning, school, and for fitness.


-alpha gpc
-fish oil
-Tumeric Curcumin
-MK677 + Huperzine A(200mcg)

-YK 11

I already have all of my supplies, just waiting on my racetams now. What do you guys think, is this a good stack to start with? Any advise is appreciated. Thank you!

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
noopept 10 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
piracetam -- -- No instructions provided.
oxiracetam -- -- No instructions provided.
alpha gpc -- -- No instructions provided.
sulbutiamine -- -- No instructions provided.

I would supplement the nootropics gradually so that if something works you can know what it is.


Same thing for the research steroids you are planning to mix... triple steroid cocktail doesn't sound good to me... go step by step not all at once you're playing with your hearth, dick and balls, dude.


Plus i've always wondered why people supplements sulbutiamine AND multivitamins. Isn't sulbutiamine a vitamin itself? Isn't there the risk of hypervitaminosis?