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Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open (LOG)

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#1 Jesus is King

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 03:16 PM



So I'll try and make this quick. I use to have this book when I was younger, but I never really put it to good use (I was a major procrastinator); my book was eventually given to a bookcharity event.


Now I do know hypnosis is powerful, and have had some success with it before, however getting me into a trance state on a regular basis has been such a hard thing for me to achieve, that I could never make any self hypnosis mp3/tape work in the long run. I've also been to a few hypnotherapists in my life, and now consider most as amateur at their profession. I'm sure there are brilliant ones out there, but finding them requires burning through a lot of money.


Anyway recently I've been looking for more conscious methods of achieving lifestyle changes, and funnily enough after trying a visual shape/pattern hypnosis youtube video (which did nothing for me), I googled visual hypnosis to see if there was anything, and I came across this book again.


Now if you look at the majority of reviews for this book (go to amazon.com), they are generic & vague, with very few of them specifically telling you how the book benefited their lifestyle/habits, so I see most of these reviews are either fake, or wishful thinking people. However on another private forum I am part of, there were 2 different people who said this book cured their allergies, which makes me believe there may be some credence to this method.


The great thing about this method (if it works) is achieving the trance state like in traditional hypnosis isn't required. You are simply required to read.


Now I'm older, I feel I'm less naive and more objective in myself. I don't get excited for wishful thinking self help book crap, all I care about is results. Hence why I've created this thread for mine and your benefit, it is a log if this method works or not (at least for me).


I have several goals which can be tangibly measured on the effectiveness of this method:


1. Quit Smoking

2. Improve Falling Asleep/Insomnia

3. Cardio Exercise

4. Quit Smoking Weed

5. Intermittend Fasting or Calorie Restriction



Now I'm an on and off smoker. I can quit for a period of time, but do fall into the habit again and again. Funnily enough it was a self hypnosis mp3 I made for myself, that actually made me quit smoking for an entire year without any cravings, just one of my experiences with the power of hypnosis. The only reason I fell into smoking after a year, was because I was bored out of my mind on a Cruise Ship full of old people, and it seemed like I turned to alcohol and smoking to pass the time.


Funnily enough I used another hypnosis mp3 I created for Eat Stop Eat intermittent fasting, which I used just before going on a Cruise Ship for my honeymoon (in 2017). Amazingly for the entire cruise I stuck to my 24 hour intermittent fasting for 2 weeks (longest I've ever done)! That's pretty amazing for me, think all you can eat. But because I stopped listening to the file (and going into trance was a bitch), the effects faded and I was back to my old habits again. 


These are just 2 examples of a few times self hypnosis has had a dramatic effect on me. There was another when it obliterated my procrastination/made me a workaholic, but I won't go into that, because there is no need. Because Self Hypnosis is a hit and miss for me, mainly because I have such a hard time going into trance (and I've tried all the different inductions).


Anyway to sum up, I am going to give this "reading hypnosis" a good go. And because my goals are tangible and measurable, I will report back here with my results for you. I will also do the first 3 in that order, because they are the most important and logical for me. Quit Smoking, because it's a bad habit, and the nicotine gives me major insomnia/sleep disturbance. Then work on falling asleep/insomnia in general, because I get this even when off cigarettes for a while (I've had sleeping trouble since I was a child). Obviously if I can do this, and establish a good sleeping pattern, then I have energy throughout the day for every other goal. So next I will focus on exercise, where my goal is to do 45 mins of cardio on my cross-trainer every day, so it will be good if this method can help with this, or at least get me started with 3 times a week (then work myself up).


So there you have it, I'll give it a good try, and see if this method is viable for self change or not, and log my results here.

#2 Jesus is King

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 03:19 PM

Just a note, I've recreated this thread here in Lifestyle forum where I originally intended it to be, not the Nutrition forum.


So please ignore the other thread, I've asked mods to delete it. All updates will be posted in this thread.

#3 Jesus is King

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 10:15 AM

Quick update.


So I did my first session today on smoking. I did feel as though I obtained a light state of trance when reading the induction. Then I read the smoking cessation script provided in the book. There are actually 2 scripts for smoking cessation, one to be done originally, and a follow up script after doing the original script's sessions.


The book advises to do 3-5 sessions on consecutive days on average for results, going up to 7 sessions to cement on average, while some people may need to go up to 12-14 sessions. So I think I will do 5-7 sessions on the current script, and then move to the follow up script with 5-7 sessions. So in total we are looking at 10-14 consecutive days as long as I stick to doing it everyday from today.


Before I started, I felt my desire for cigarettes had already faded, or I had slightly more self control because of the amygdala clicking/frontal lobe activation I've been practicing. However while doing the session itself, I definitely felt resistance, and thoughts of what I can only describe as self-sabotage, of wanting to smoke to really test this session. These thoughts didn't subside and I ended up smoking a cigarette after the session, however the real test will be after all 5-7 sessions are done. 


It should also be noted I'm in a bigger cycle of quitting smoking than most. Once my tobacco runs out, I don't usually buy more until 2-4 weeks later. So I can't focus too much on immediate results of smoking cessation, but rather the long term results. For example if I don't end up smoking or being tempted for 3-6 months, would be a good indication of it working.


I think out of all my goals, the biggest one that will show me whether there is credence to this method, is goal 3 on cardio exercise, and 5 on diet, because these are something I fail more at on a regular basis than all my other goals.


However I think I will still work on Smoking and then Sleep first, because while these may not be as "hard" as exercise and diet, they will hopefully prepare the mind and hypnotic skill when I do finally tackle these "harder goals".


The last point I will end on, is there was a thought that popped into my mind at one point, an optimistic thought, of which all my goals I wrote here are easy, and that I could easily achieve all of them, no big deal. I'm putting this down to me being in a more relaxed state of mind while in a light trance, a state in a realm of open possibility. However I know with my previous experiences with optimistic thinking, as I've had it many times in the past while in my normal state of mind (as opposed to a light trance/relaxed state of mind), that it never correlates with long term success. I've been optimistic and excited about goals and new pursuits many times before, and end up going back into old habits and failing again and again with no long term success; so optimistic thinking is not an indication of success in my view. However I'm noting it here because the thought popped up in my session.


So now all I need to do is stick to it for the next 5-7 days. Once I do that, I'll post my next update.

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#4 Jesus is King

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 04:20 PM

Very quick update and reminder for myself. 


I just remembered while doing the session, I got that kind of numb/tingly feeling I usually get from self hypnosis mp3's before. However I don't know whether this feeling comes from the suggestions of physical relaxation, or because I'm not trying to move for a long time. But it's something I'll look out for, as it might be an indication of light trance.


I just wanted to note this for myself, in the end all that really matters is results & conclusions, and that will take time before I can post them.


That is all.

#5 Jesus is King

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 06:25 PM

Last thought on this for today, something I just realized.


Dr Kawashima, famous guy from Nintendo DS brain training game (and who is a real brain scientist). In his research he found the 2 exercises which activated the brain the most, were fast simple arithmetic & reading out loud. I've been practicing 500 fast multiplications everyday (so easy now, takes 15 mins), and now with these reading out loud hypnosis sessions which take around 20 minutes, I'm able to do that extra brain exercise which was much harder to incorporate into my life before.


I'm not sure whether this extra brain activation has any correlation to this hypnosis experiment, but I'm noting it here as you never know.


Here are pictures from Dr Kawashima's book:





#6 Jesus is King

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 11:06 AM



I was looking for some better detailed reviews for this book to see how this book has actually helped people, rather than just the generic ones like most of them found on amazon. I've found a few and will post them here as they're interesting. And I doubt they're fake, because some of them have been posted years after the book was released and are quite detailed, and the author has a 2nd version of the book called More Instant Self Hypnosis, so unless he's still posting fake reviews for his old book, these reviews are interesting to read, and I'm sure he would target amazon rather than Barnes and Noble. Check them out (I've bolded their results):




This book is excellent. I read some of the other reviews and thought I should write one also, as I had some of the same experiences as the other reviewers. 

I was able to use the book on myself within, as the author says in his introduction, 30 minutes. It has helped tremendously with my lifelong fear of height (95% gone, needs tweaking perhaps); also, with my fear of public speaking (I used it before a presentation and was amazed when I opened my mouth that I felt FINE and enjoyed speaking, with no notes, to a small group . . twice in one hour). When I used this book to help a friend deal with the trauma of his divorce, I used three of the scripts and changed a few sentences. Four years ago when a daughter was taking a course and was very upset about taking the exams (tough course and she had been ill for a couple of years with Lyme) she "humored me" and let me read the induction and the "Acing the Exam" script. A week later she told me (after I asked) that she had made a 94 on that exam, and at the end of the semester she proudly mentioned that she had "set the curve" in the class. A few months later she was flying to see her father, and was speaking of being terrified, as usual, about flying again. I had left the book with my sister (who thinks hypnosis is bunk or worse), on the off-chance that she might find it interesting, and I asked my sister to read the induction and then the "Fear of Flying" script over the phone to my daughter. A few weeks later I mentioned the flight and she said it was "fine." 
About three years ago I used the book in a session with a client (I'm a massage therapist who "dabbles" in hypnosis if someone is interested). My client is a primarily spanish-speaking grad student, and was having to re-take her oral doctoral exam; she was very anxious that she would have difficulty with her English and was especially scared of one professor's questions; I relaxed her with a Brian Weiss CD I have (a generic relaxation induction), then paused the CD, and read a script from Instant Self-Hypnosis that I tweaked for her concerns about understanding and answering in English. About a month later she called and invited me to lunch, telling me that it happened exactly as the script had suggested. For her it was a miracle. 
So, I have had MANY successes with this little book, using it in various ways. I was amazed that it was so effortless, and that one obviously does not have to even AGREE with the process (my daughter) for it to work. Having these invaluable experiences/successes gives me the freedom to think "go for it" anytime I find it would be helpful. Anyone can use this book and it will work as well as it has for me. There will always be those folks who think you are crazy or "going to hell" (yes, I really was told that) or nonsense like that for being interested in hypnosis . . it was suggested by one of my mentors to NOT use the "H" word and I would say that might be a good idea sometimes : ) To summarize, THIS BOOK is very, very useful and highly recommended. I'm using it again for a client tomorrow who asked me to help her.


I didn't highlight the professor one as they only used the script from the book, and not the induction (using a CD instead).


2. Hypnosis books didn't work for me -- until Instant Self Hypnosis!


I can't say enough about how Instant Self Hypnosis - How to Hypnotize Yoursself With Your Eyes Open has changed my life. 

There was a time when I left it all to my weak "willpower" to lose weight, to quit smoking and to relax more. And I always seemed to fail. Oh well, I thought, maybe it's just me. 
Until I got this book at b&n. 
I'm a new man today. I lost 30 excess pounds, stopped my bad cigar habit and now I don't let the common everyday stresses get to me. No wonder my doctor finally stopped nagging me. It's nice to get more looks from the ladies too. :)
The book gives you all you need to be successful with self hypnosis too. And without the jargon and complexities of the typical hypnosis book. Mr. Blair even gives you a complete template to create suggestion scripts for yourself. 
I've bought other self hypnosis books before, and they just didn't seem to work for me. His Instant Self Hypnosis book did, for sure. 
Just heard the author came out with an ebook called More Instant Self Hypnosis (Kindle-version) and that he'll soon submit it to be published with barnesandnoble.com. Can't wait. 
Obviously I'm now a fan.


May be fake, as he mentions authors next book.


3. Life Changing


This book has the ability to change your life, if you are open to it. Reading about what hypnosis is, what you can expect, etc. allows you to get comfortable and open yourself up to the possibilities hypnosis brings. I bought the book to work on self esteem, and the benefits have been immeasurable. After just one session, I noticed the changes- things that have plagued my mind for years are no longer an issue, I'm more comfortable with myself and I trust myself more. After doing the exercise, I was put to the test four times by interacting with people from my past, who at one point controlled my self esteem. It was easy! I felt great, confident, and even after replaying the conversations in my mind, there isn't a thing I would change. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a tool to help them reach the next level in their life, no matter what that means for you.


4. Better than audio tapes... for me.


I was a bit skeptical, however my skepticism soon passed. 

I did have to tweak the induction a bit to suite 'me' I replaced the guard with a dog, the building with a house, etc, something more plausible for me. But that is the good thing about this book it allows you, teaches you how to write your own scripts. 
The thing I like about this method over the traditional audio tape/CD/MP3s is that it is done in your own voice, your own self-guidance. With other methods it always felt like all-or-nothing where the slightest itch or external distraction would pull me out of hypnosis. With this method I don't feel as though I have to be absolute; the pressure to be hypnotized just isn't there as it was before. If that makes sense. 
I know it's working too as I am unconsciously making better food choices (weight loss being my goal) after three sessions. And that is awesome. I do like this book.


I also highlighted something that relates to me other than their results. The "pressure to be hypnotized" which I would also get with self hypnosis audio. Interesting...


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#7 Jesus is King

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 11:32 AM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):


5. This Book Is Good!


The techniques in this book really do work.I was quite skeptical at first,but just by reading the general induction and keeping an open mind.I found myself entering a light state of hypnosis.And not just once but several times.Well worth the price of the book.


Not really a life changing result, but the reviewer believes he entered into a light state of hypnosis.


6. Easy and Effective


Great book that features a form of self-hypnosis that works...even though I thought it wouldn't! You just sit down and start reading hypnosis scripts out loud and 'presto!' you feel yourself easing into a hypnotic state. I used it to help me get more organized...it's worked fast! This may be the best book on self-hypnosis ever written...and I've read many!


7. Loved it



This really works, i used the quit smoking one and i feel great without those! Im about to start on weightloss so im so ready! Everyone should try this book


8. Blowing my MIND!!!(in a good way)


I purchased this book for my Nook color. I am serious if you have an open mind and are ready for positive change this is the book for you!! I have both this book and the More Instant Self Hypnosis as well. I have used scripts from both and they are all good. I have reduced my stress and anxiety, lost a few pounds, curbed cravings, and become a better keeper of my home. No kidding! If your an open minded individual looking for good change in your life this is the STUFF!!



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#8 Jesus is King

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 11:47 AM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):


9. Bought as a Nook Book and couldn't be happier with the purchase.


Bought as a Nook Book and couldn't be happier with the purchase. I've struggled on and off over the years trying to quit smoking. This has been a great help both with non smoking and just helping me to relax overall. I would definitely recommend and hope that it helps others as much as it's helped me.


10. Bottom line: this book actually works!


I purchased this e-book (and it's sequel) for my Nook simply because I had a few bucks left on a gift card and the price was right. It looked like something interesting to read that wouldn't take much time. I read the book with a healthy dose of skepticism about hypnosis in general. To my pleasant surprise, the easy to follow self hypnosis method actually works for me: at the least, it is a quick way to relax and reduce stress. I have let go of a few bad habits with the help of this book and am starting to notice other positive results after using various scripts that the book provides. Highly recommended for those who can spare 15 minutes in the morning or evening to try this method.


Now I will post some results/reviews from Amazon.com. Most of them are generic, I'll try to find ones with actual results.


11. This works. Hands down. I am a lifetime ...


This works. Hands down. I am a lifetime nailbiter, so I started with that to get a sense of whether this would work for me. Two weeks later, my nails are so long, I'm having to file them to type this review. I've also had problems with insomnia for the past five years--used the script for that, and I'm sleeping through the night. And then I did the one on procrastination. Does it work? Well, I've been putting off writing this review....

Seriously. This works, and you should try it. I'm giving this book to everyone I know as a Christmas present.


12. Change does NOT need to take a LONG time



This book works. PERIOD.
I knew very little about hypnosis before reading this book. I have been hypnotized in front of an audience once and from that experience I knew there was something to hypnosis...but it wasn't what the critics thought. This book describes exactly what hypnosis is with no "smoke and mirrors". I feel I have a good grasp of what hypnosis is, how it works and the benefits I may receive from it.
I have been practicing and using the self hypnosis scripts for about a week now. After a few self hypnosis sessions on improving my SELF-CONFIDENCE, I have noticed a dramatic difference. To name a few effects, I feel grounded and confident, especially in public. I can look into peoples eyes, especially girls (I am male). I even noticed that most of them (around my age) smiled at me and possibly thought I was attractive. I notice my self spontaneously talking to strangers. I was just at Starbucks and struck up a conversation with a guy waiting for his coffee. Another example is that I am not self conscious at the gym. I go through my workouts and I NOW don't think people are looking at me..judging me and so fourth. These are just a few examples, I have many more. Like I said before, this BOOK works!
I used to think change had to be a long and arduous effort. BOY was I WRONG. Change can be rapid, especially if we deal with our subconscious directly. Our subconscious is what holds the majority of our behavior. Basically, our conscious can only draw from what our subconscious already has. This book allows you to reprogram your subconscious and then consciously draw from what you reprogrammed! The possibilities are endless. The author already thought of this and allows you to write your own scripts, so you can get anything you want out of YOUR life. Writing your own scripts DOES WORK too. I did one session to improve my tennis game and I literally had the best practice i'v had all season.
If you are looking for a self improvement book or if you want to take your life to the next level, then BUY this book. Especially if you want FAST RESULTS!



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#9 Jesus is King

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:03 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):


13. My favorite book for self-hypnosis



This is a very simple and understandable book. The author starts with an overview of the hypnosis process and how it works with your mind. Then he explains how to use the suggested self-hypnosis scripts that follow. The script for "Stop Stressing Out" is a lifesaver, and one that I have practiced daily since I got the book. In addition, I really like the "You're Getting Sleepy" script, very effective and easy to follow. I have read about a dozen books on hypnotherapy and this is by far my favorite. I appreciate that the author focuses on helping the reader achieve his/her goals through self-hypnosis instead of his own specialness. If I was to choose only one book on self-hypnosis, this would be it.


14. I can't believe it works


I used to be skeptical about the effects of hypnosis; it's not that I thought it was nonsense, I just thought its effects were exaggerated. Nevertheless, I bought it to try it out; as I was reading it I didn't feel anything but I kept it up for about 8 days even though I didn't really think it would work. Guess what? All of a sudden it worked. I used the "More Fun at Parties" script which is for shyness and social anxiety, and then voila! I feel more comfortable in social situations. No, I really don't think that it's the placebo effect at work here because I've tried many other things that didn't make any difference, plus I would have to really believe that this would work for the placebo to take effect (which, as I said, I didn't). I want to express my gratitude to the author and to add that it was the best money I ever spent.


15. I like it because it works!


Note: After reading "Instant Self-Hypnosis" and writing the review below, I read the second version of this book: "MORE Instant Self-Hypnosis". If you have not read the first book, I recommend that you skip it and read and use "MORE Instant Self-Hypnosis".

I was extremely skeptical about this book as I read through it. I'd received it only because it was available for free as a Kindle book.
I've read other books and studied hypnosis, including self-hypnosis. I'd had success with some self-hypnosis techniques.
Overall, I've not been into hypnosis scripts. I've favored more ad hoc wording. Some parts of the scripts in "Instant Self-Hypnosis" violated some generally accepted principles of hypnosis.
I did give the book a chance, because the author nailed three of the biggest problems with trying to use other self-hypnosis books. First, the other books require you to first hypnotic procedures and learn how to create effective suggestions. Most of us probably don't get past that hurdle. Second, the traditional self-hypnosis approaches requires that we prepare and memorize the techniques, because our eyes will be closed if we get as far as implementing the advice. Third, it's very common to fall asleep during self-hypnosis. I've experienced that. Overall, most self-hypnosis books and techniques are difficult to use.
"Instant Self-Hypnosis" sails by all three of those problems. I selected a behavior pattern I'd unsuccessfully tried to change through self-hypnosis and other methods. The desired behavior pattern was very specific. I decided not to rate or review this book until I had tried the ready-made tools on my challenging situation.
Results: The specific behavior pattern changed within one day. And the results are continuing two weeks later. I'll take 20 minutes or so each of the next couple of days to go through the book's self-hypnosis script as directed to help lock in the change. I'm confident that if the new behavior pattern ever starts to slip...and it might (who knows?)...I can quickly use the tools in the book to get the desired results again.
I have selected a new behavior pattern I will change using this book after I've completed a couple more sessions with the first pattern.
For those wanting to make changes in your lives and who are open to using hypnosis (just a highly suggestible state of mind that all of us enter frequently, such as when we're engrossed in a book or movie or TV show), I recommend that you try this book.
I went from being extremely skeptical to finding that the book's tools work...quickly and easily.


16. My first try at Hypnosis


Honestly I am surprised I bought this book. First, I am suspicious of anything with the word "Instant" in the title. And second, I grew up with the idea that hypnosis was just "carnival stuff". The kind of thing where you watch a plant in the audience go up on stage and bark like a dog or something similar. But I was looking for an edge and I'd heard many good things about therapeutic hypnosis so I figured, "What the hell...". I must admit, I've been very pleasantly surprised.

The first script I tried was about getting over an illness quickly. I had a the beginnings of a sore throat and after reading the script I went to bed and the next day my throat was fine. Maybe it was a weak germ that got into me and my body just took care of it on its own. Then again, the script's instructions were for my body's immune system to do just that. "Mythbusters rating": Plausible
The second script I tried was one to prevent acne. I am in my late 20's but my work causes a great deal of stress which I have noticed leads to breakouts, regardless of my diet and face-washing habits. I have read the script a few times and have noticed that my skin is not only clearer, but looks much healthier as well. Maybe it was the script, or maybe it was that part of the hypnosis process is deep relaxation. "Mythbusters rating": Plausible
Most recently I tried the script on Rapid Healing. Two days ago I earned some pretty crazy bruising on my forearms and tore the skin off my left middle-knuckle from my martial arts training. The result I got was pretty interesting - on my left arm (where I concentrated my attention due to the torn skin) the bruising has nearly vanished (didn't even turn yellow, just disappeared!) while my right is still purple-red. And while the knuckle isn't finished healing, it has repaired much more quickly than in times past. "Mythbusters rating": I'm calling this one Confirmed.
The book even shows you how to write your own scripts based on your own desires. I am still working the 35 pre-made scripts so I haven't tried this yet.
I suppose the one thing I found (and this seems to be pretty common with kindle books) is that there were a few spelling errors. I don't know why e-books have this issue so prolifically but I hope it gets better; the errors were a little distracting.


I'm probably more skeptic about this review than this reviewer who is writing it as a skeptic. I've added this review here, because his goals were focusing on physical healing, which may be interesting to some people who are looking for the mind/body connection with hypnosis. As for me, though I believe there may be a possibility in mind/body healing, I'm looking for the hypnosis that will change me in more tangible ways that will benefit my health (stop smoking, sleep better, eat better, exercise more), before I go exploring the more unknown stuff.

#10 Jesus is King

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:15 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):

17. Instant Self Hypnosis really works!!


I have attended several self transformation events and seen and read many books, but nothing has been as helpful and innovative as what Forbes has wrote!! The book starts off by explaining exactly what Self Hypnosis is, dispels some common fears about it, and how it can be used to change your life. Next comes the practical and fun part. You read aloud an "induction script" to hypnotize yourself, then you read a professionally written script to implant a goal/idea/etc into your subconscious while you're hypnotized, finally you read a script to un-hypnotize yourself and come back. The whole process takes 20-30 mins but the effects are profound. I personally have been using Self Hypnosis to help me with my goal of losing weight. Using Forbes' book, I have successfully programmed my subconscious mind to help me, I've lost 5 LBS. IN MY FIRST WEEK!!! Also I've programmed my mind to be more organized and neat (to which my roommates are completely astounded at my change). You have to try it to see!! As if that weren't enough, the book in Part 3 explains how to create your own custom scripts specifically tailored to your needs/goals/desires. I have yet to try that but I know it will probably be just as effective, if not more so. In the back of the book are alternate induction scripts if you feel more comfortable with an analogy of a medieval castle instead of being in a big city, and even a script to help deepen your hypnosis state. All in all, for a book that costs less than $2 (for the Kindle version) the techniques and info contained within are worth much much more. If you are serious about changing your life, you owe it to yourself to try this book as a means to help you implement and focus on achieving your goals!!


18. Coming from a skeptic - it actually works!


This is a great book that works. I bought the subsequent books after this one. I used the script for stress in the beginning, and, to my surprise I felt much more grounded and calm. One week was enough for one issue but you have to read the script every day once a day - consistency is key. When the effect wears off, you can do another week. Very helpful! Such a great tool at your fingertips.


19. I cant believe it works so well!


I have read countless self-improvement books and attended courses on self-improvement over the last 24 years. Many of these books or courses speak to affirmations or repeated behavior to break/change habits and form new ones. I am always able to keep up the affirmations or repeated desired behavior for about a week or two before I go back to my old ways. Thus I decided to try something new.

I was initially skeptical about self-hypnosis so I am glad this book explains very very clearly, what it is, and what it is not. I spent twenty minutes on Sunday doing the first exercise (Stress-buster), and I slept like a baby. My anxiety was completely gone. I repeated the self hypnosis with a different exercise (self confidence) on the following day - and it helped me at work the next day as I was more confidence and calm throughout the day. I left work feeling energized, not stressed out like I used to be. I followed ALL the instructions to a tee i.e. find a quiet corner, speak out clearly and slowly as I read, imagining the scenarios as portrayed, no interruptions.
So, in short, I think this book is a must-read. I am so glad I know a little more about about self-hypnosis than I do a few days ago!


20. SEEING by EXPERIENCING is BELIEVING!!! BEST Hypnosis books on the market!!


OMG!! I LOVE Forbes books. I first used "Instant Self Hypnosis", his first book for TMJ!!

I had suffered from TMJ - grinding my teeth, especially at night, then waking up with
excruciating headaches that lasted ALL DAY.... This went on for 3 years+!! I researched
WHAT dentists could DO to help me get RID of the TMJ:
1) Overnight TEETH GUARDS from the drugstore ($25-$50) or "Customized" from the DENTIST: $250+ !!! Ha!
2) Biofeedback was having good SUCCESS but at $250 to $350 per hour to train the brain!
WITHOUT knowing how LONG it would take....(the articles said approx. 10+ hours!!
3) Hypnosis: $150+ Great results...however again NO idea (according to the articles online) how LONG to get results!!
THEN my ANGELS (housed at the Ritz Carlton in Paris...(Café au lait!!) had me TRIP across
dear sweet FORBES ROBBINS BLAIR's book and I had instant VOICES (MY ANGELS at the RITZ
using Mental Telepathy bc they were having sooooo much fun in Paris and they KNEW I would get their telepathic message!!
I couldn/t blame them....the Paris RITZ is BEYOND Luxury!!)
I have done hypnosis over the years and I LOVE it and BELIEVE in it with all my heart, body and intellect...
so I decided to order the book!!! OMG!!! In ONE WEEK of reading Forbes' script "Stop Teeth Grinding" (at night
just before I fell asleep) his SCRIPT ERADICATED my TMJ!!!! I kid you not!! I have 10 other Scripts (Oui, I WANT & INTEND to be PERFECT!! Ha!)
I have READ all 10 of them with incredible RESULTS!! IF you are a procrastinator, begin with that script! If you are AFRAID of
HYPNOSIS, READ the thousands of articles on the BENEFITS of hypnosis and become a Believer! It might SAVE your
life one day!! I had to buy 3 replacement books bc they got so tattered from nightly use!! Keep it on my night table.
BELIEVE in your MIND and in your HEART that it can HELP you....and it will!!
is LETHAL!! LOL....in a WONDERFUL LIFE-Changing way!! Bonne chance!!


This review sounds a bit insane tbh, but according to that person they got results on teeth grinding and other things.



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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:34 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):

21. Finally, Help for those of us without Perfect Recall!!!


I cannot say enough about this book. One Word: Revolutionary. I have struggled with many self-hypnosis books, and all of them, without fail, require me to have a super memory to remember the complex induction exercises, then the suggestions. No more. Mr. Forbes presented me with the answer to this problem. Why not just read the scripts out loud and let my own familiar voice do the work of the hypnotist? Guess what! It worked! As my mother always says, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." So, the first script I used was the one that would prove to me it works -- to stop my nail biting. I'd been a nail biter for over 35 years. And a skin picker/hair puller. Well, with one week of use on the "End Fingernail Biting" script, I was no longer a nail biter. That was more than 3 months ago, now, and I'm still nail-biting free! I've always been a hair puller, suffering from what is termed trichotillomania. Because the nail-biting script worked so well, I took the script and (forgive me, Mr. Blair) rewrote it verbatim, replacing the nail-biting with hair-pulling. Do I dare say what happened? I'm now no longer a sufferer of hair-pulling compulsion (much to the delight of my wife and my doctor). So...does the book work? Yes it does. And the more than 30 scripts provided in the text cover a wide range of different goals, while the Customized Suggestion Template makes it easy to write your own scripts for your specific goals. Thank you, Mr. Blair, for having the insight to recognize this revolutionary technique, and the concern for our welfare for putting it in written form for us to use. You have unlocked a whole world of possibility to me. And I am certain that others will have the same spectacular results...because I am no one special, just a person who believes it will work, and it does!


22. It really works


I have trouble saying no to people. At work, friends, family, etc. I bought this book and immediately started with the "Self Confidence" script. Well after a couple of sessions, I feel more confident in myself. Now when someone needs my help, I say "No", Even at work. I don't let people walk over me. The mind is truly very powerful, I also like the idea the book shows you how to write your own hypnosis scripts, so you can take care on any problem you deal with.


23. I never would have believed it!


I bought this book on a lark, to be honest. Even though I am interested in Hypnosis, I was under the misconception that it took a lot of time and preparation to learn. So, I regarded the title of the book as a dare of sorts. When I received my copy, I was pleased to notice it's relaxed, to-the-point writing style and that it was an easy read. I then skipped forward to the induction script and began reading aloud. After that, I used 3 different scripts, memory, speaking in public and focus before doing the "Wake Up". This is actually contrary to what the author recommends ( he recommends that you do one at a time) but I hadn't read his directions at the time. The next day I found myself having to give an impromptu speech to some Medical Doctors and I had perfect confidence, a clear delivery, total recall of facts and not a trace of that adrenaline rush of terror that I usually get in these situations. I didn't even use this book correctly and got amazing results. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this gem of a book. I can't recommend it enough for anyone who would like to work on improving themselves. Oh, but follow the directions for the best results!


This review is actually very interesting. Rather than using 1 script per session, he combined all 3. This maybe something I will consider doing in the future to speed things up, but only if I get results initially from focusing on one script/goal at a time.


24. This really works.


I have a single standard for any self-improvement product; written, audio or whatever. Does it work for me? I don't care if it works for every single soul in the world, if it does not work for me then it is bogus by my standards. This book is great and does work just fine. I am now a non-smoker and that wasn't even my primary target, but an incidental effect to get to the primary. As far as I'm concerned, physical changes are as real as it gets and quantifiable, unlike feeling "warm and fuzzy," visiting another planet or any other dubious sensations with non-verifiable results.

I have bought another copy of this to give to my son as I am so impressed with my results.
Don't trust me, however. Get the book, try the exercizes, and judge the results on your own for your self. You will be happy you did.


I like the way this reviewer thinks. At the end of the day I'm looking for a tool that will bring about results. I'm not after "warm and fuzzy" optimistic self help new age BS. I want results.

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:47 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):

25. A Life -Altering Book


It is impossible to tell how many times I quit smoking. Each time ended in failure and more damage to my health. Nearly one year before I purchased this book, my family doctor told me I had COPD. Still, even though I wanted desparately to quit, I just couldn't muster up the will power. I saw this book on Amazon's web site and I thought, " If I just quit smoking for three days, I could save the price of the book.

To make this short, I locked myself in my bedroom where I had peace and quiet, I read the book which only took a couple of hours and the next morning I had no urge to smoke and I have been a non-smoker for nearly eight months. My only wish is that I had found the book many years ago.
My profession is real estate sales and even though I had forgotten, I had set a goal and last week when I let someone look at the book they saw where I had written inside my sales goal and they reminded me that not only had I quit smoking but I also made my multi-million sales goal. If you believe you are worth the price of this book, I recommend you buy it and reach your goal(s).

26. I was skeptical, but it works!


I decided to give this a try figuring that I had nothing to lose since I managed to get it free for my Kindle. While I was reading the book, I noticed a section on teeth grinding/jaw clenching, a problem that I have been dealing with as a side affect of some medication that I had taken. What a surprise when after just a couple of sessions, I noticed that not only was the frequency of jaw clenching abating, the intensity was also fading. If for nothing else, the end of the headaches that I was enduring is worth the few minutes I devote a day to utilizing the methods in this book. Definitely works for me. I also love the guided section where I can create my own scripts to work on things specific to me. Have already recommended this to family members.


27. Perfect for anyone who wants a better life!!


My friend gave me this book after 2 weeks of my separation - the worst part emotionally during this entire divorce. I didn't know anything about self-hypnosis but I needed help!! After 2 days of self-hypnosis, I noticed a difference in my attitude. I used the "Stop Stressing Out" script first and wow, all of a sudden my situation was a little easier to deal with. Day by day, the separation became better and better. I then began working on other aspects of my life and have even written 2 scripts. I have more scripts I plan on writing as I work through my important issues. I soon realized that my friend would not be getting his book back so I bought him one and had it shipped to his house. Have no doubt about this book, it works. If you can't spare 15 minutes at least once a day to improve your life then don't buy this book. But then again, if you can't spare 15 minutes a day then you really need this book!! Go for it!!


28. It really works!


I never have liked the idea of taking sleeping tablets night after night, year after year, but was forced to because of my insomnia issues. I no longer have to put chemicals into my body to feel sleepy thanks to this book. Experiential learning has always been my best teacher, I had to experience the results this books offers for myself to know whether it was poppy cock or not. It works, it really works! See for yourself with what ever your personal issue is. I did and I highly recommend this book.


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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:56 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):

29. Highly recommend


Thank you for your book! Easy to read, understand and follow directions! I've been cigarette free for 5 days. No urges to buy a pack; even under stress!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


30. so far so good


Its an easy read, I'm trying it for weight loss (why not tried everything else) It took a couple of days but I find myself preferring healthy foods more than the junk food


31. Good book


I bought this book and started reading the scripts for weight loss, and I've already begun to lose weight. After reading the script to myself I feel less desire to overeat, and I think this may be what I need to achieve long-term weight loss. There are several other scripts that can help other aspects of your life in a positive way. I would recommend this book for anyone trying to lose weight.


32. Self Hypnosis that really works


This product really worked for me. It made me feel better. I was more positive and others around me could see that I was less stressed out and moody. I think it can work for anyone and it is very easy to follow.


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Posted 21 March 2018 - 01:15 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):


33. This book helped me to shed 22 lbs and keep ...


This book helped me to shed 22 lbs and keep it off for seven years and counting. It helped me to write 3 books. It helped me to land 2 jobs. And today it will help me to work on my next project. I've given out at leaset a dozen as gifts. Taking the ten minutes a day out of your schedule to follow the prompts works.


Wow impressive results here.


34. It doesn't work for getting rid of bad habits


This is an excellent self-help book. I have now over 2 months without biting and destroying my nails. I had been biting my nails since I was a child, but I do not remember when it started. It probably was when I was 4-5 years old. The thing is that I do not remember me having healthy nails, and I do not remember me without biting my nails. When I became an adult, biting my nails in public was embarrasing, so I started quietly destroying the flesh around my nails,and the nails while I was doing anything, like watching TV, driving, talking, etc. My nails were so destroyed that I always was embarrased of showing them, and always was trying to hide them from others. I had tried many thins to get rid of this habit, psycology books which give a method to follow, other meditation methods using affirmations, but nothing worked. Never ever, had been able to leave my naisl alone for even a day. With these other methods, perhaps I was able to leave, at least partially, alone my nails for one day, but the urge to bite/destroy them was so powerful that I could not resist touching them for a longer period of time. When I was really nervous for something, my nails were bleeding, and several times I lost some of them. ( because of infection). This is for you to have an idea of how stubborn was this habit. I always wanted and desired with all my heart not to have this habit, but simply could not get rid of it. I followed the instructions on this book, and did the script for "End fingernail biting" on page 90, for 15 days in a row, and to my surprise I was able not to touch/bite my nails during this time, even though the urge to do it was strong at sometimes. But was able to resist the temptation. Then I did another script, that I created following the instructions in the book for another thing I needed, but as soon I finished with this other goal, I repeated the script for fingernail biting for another 15 days in a row. I am so happy and surprised that I almost cannot believe that this is happening, that I have over 2 months now without touching my nails. For the first time in my life I have been able to cut and trim my nails. But some of them have suffered too much damage that still do not look good, and are slowly healing and recovering. For you to have an idea of the lenght of time I have been biting/destroying my nails, I am in the 40's. So I have been biting/destroying my nails for over 30 years. The method of this book really works, and it has many useful scripts to follow for other goals to achieve. In addition it gives a method to write your own scripts to achieve anything you want or need. (help with your subconscions mind). Highly recommended.

Update: It does not work. After what I thought was the cure to my problem, it returned again. So I still have the problem. This hypnosis thing ended up, in my experience, to be another "miracle cure" offered that it the end is only a lie. Do not bother in trying it, it only will give you false expectations.


Though this is a 1 star review, it's still interesting. This person was initially able to cure their severe nail biting problem which they had since they were 4-5 years old. However later on the nail biting came back. While this might not be a solid success, to me it shows that there was a level of self hypnosis working there that gave temporary success (like I've noticed with my own self hypnosis files before). So to me this is a good indication that this reading a loud self hypnosis has credence to it.


35. Are you kidding? This Book Rocks!


For those who don't think this book will help you, stay and read this review. I was diagnosed with a slip disc and the pain on my upper back and left arm was unbearable. Although I had this book for about a year--I was busy with writing my novel--I decided to give INSTANT SELF-HYPNOSIS a try. I've been the following two scripts: Strong Immune System, and Rapid Healing. Well, after four days I can report that I am 90% pain-free, and look forward to get rid of this pain, period.

Don't listen to others who are not committed, listen to one who knows. This is a terrific book--and no, I'm not related to the author.Buy this book. It's worth every penny. I'm looking into buying several of this author's books.


36. Skeptical at first, now a believer


I purchased the kindle version of this book when it was offered for free in Jan 2012. I have struggled with weight my entire life, and thought what the heck? It's free and I don't think it can hurt me. I browsed through the book and decided to try the weight loss hypnosis for a 5 times, just to give it a fair chance.

The first night, I felt ridiculous, but I persevered. The next day, I felt different. I didn't feel hungry and I wasn't thinking about food as usual. I seemed full quicker when I did eat. Hmm. Intrigued, I kept it up and ended up doing about 10 sessions. The effect continued and I started to work on being more active, eating healthier and not eating mindlessly. It's been 3 months now, and I have lost 30 pounds. I did do one touch up session in the past week as I was tending to eat more during snack times.
I will not say that this will work for everyone or even anyone else but me! I will say that it has worked very successfully for me, so far. I still have about 100 pounds to lose, so I will update periodically on my progress


Impressive results.

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 01:33 PM

Decent Reviews/Results continued (results/interesting things bolded):

37. I was skeptical, but it's a great book!


I'm really surprised to be rating this book so highly. I didn't take it very seriously at first, but checked it out because Dr. Amen recommends meditation and self-hypnosis as techniques for improving brain health.

I have been absolutely amazed at the great results I'm getting. I've been doing one self-hypnosis session in the morning on "being true to myself", and another in the evening on "not snoring". I've been amazed at how well self-hypnosis is helping me to accomplish these two goals! My morning session on "being true to myself" really sticks with me all day, helping me to make decisions that help me toward my own goals, rather than falling into every time-waster that comes my way, or saying "yes" when I want to say "no".
I was even more skeptical when I decided to try self-hypnosis as a way to stop snoring. But it has worked! There wasn't a "stop snoring" script in the book, so I created my own (that's one of the best things about the book... it helps you to create your own scripts if there isn't already a script that fits your situation). I decided to try it, because I know that I snore when I clench my jaw at night. I knew that if I could just learn to relax my jaw all night, I wouldn't snore anymore. So I created a script and used it, and it WORKED!!! If I start to snore at night, I become aware of it, I wake up and relax my jaw, and go right back to sleep.
As other reviewers have pointed out, this book is only effective if you actually WANT to accomplish what you say you want to accomplish. If you think you should quit smoking, but you really want to keep smoking and aren't truly ready to quit, this book won't be very effective. But if you're really ready to make a change, this book will help you to do it!
In hindsight, it makes a lot of sense for this to work so well. I'm programming my mind to pay attention to what's important to me. Instead of paying attention to traffic jams, the broken copy machine, etc. I've trained my mind in that morning's hypnosis session to stay on track with my goals.

38. Great book


I've had this book for several weeks now and love it. Let me start off by saying I shop on Amazon ALL the time and this is the first time I'm actually writing a review.

I have had debilitating aches and pains over the last decade and have come to the conclusion that they are psychosomatic. I've searched high and low for different treatments and pain management techniques and though about seeing a hypnotist. After a consultation, I was a little reluctant because I wasn't comfortable being alone while under hypnosis with just the therapist and myself.
I then stumbled upon this book on Amazon and bought it. It was super easy to understand, interesting, and fun to read. I figured I'd try out one of the scripts on psychosomatic pain since I had nothing to lose. And by golly, it seems to have worked. It's super simple. This book gives you step by step instructions on how to hypnotize yourself. It also provides scripts with specific goals or ones that you can customize to fit your needs. Basically, all you have to do is take about 20 minutes out of your day and read a few paragraphs aloud and you are on your way to achieving your goals. It is so worth the money!! You will not be disappointed.
I did buy one other book on Amazon that was rated high. It was called "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". It was terrible. Just really confusing and a lot of repetition. Instant Self-hypnosis was so much better.
By the way, I was so impressed with this book, I bought the sequel, More instant Self-Hypnosis" and it too is a wonderful book.
Happy reading :)


39. Astounding


I purchased this book a couple of weeks ago and had never heard of such a thing as hypnosis while reading. I am not into hypnosis at all and felt a bit foolish buying it but kept an open mind and started doing it according to the author's instructions in the book. I did the script for conquering Procrastination and I'll be darn it started to work the first day! I felt very relaxed reading the script and yes, you don't feel like you are hypnotized; it's more of a "relaxed" state. Ever since I started doing this daily (I'm on #5 day now) I realize that my thoughts are now focused on following the suggestions of the script such as doing things now and not putting it off, not feeling overwhelmed on large tasks by breaking it down in steps, etc., etc. I have been able to achieve a lot more things on a daily basis and even stopped playing computer games which is a great time saver! This letter is not a "fake"; I hope that you will at least give it a try. I just ordered the author's other two books and I can't wait to get them! Thank you Forbes Robbins Blair!!!!



40. Excellent - Easy to Read, and it Works!


I've used the script for Total Self Confidence from this book for the past week or two, on average about every other day, and see a complete difference in how I carry myself and how I interact with others. The idea is simple; letting your conscious mind relax and allow ideas to be entered into your subconscious. This is an amazing way to learn positive traits and flush out old, negative ways of thinking. It's not "messing with your mind", any more than working out at the gym "messes with your body". I must say, that if you do this, you have to be open-minded and believe it will work. Set all skepticism aside.
I can't wait to try some of the other scripts! This is the best $10 I've ever spent.


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Posted 21 March 2018 - 01:54 PM

So I think 40 reviews are enough. Before I started posting reviews, the purpose was the find actual results of people who have used this method (which I thought were rare). I must have thought there were more generic reviews on amazon than there actually were (maybe I was thinking amazon.co.uk), because once I started copying them I kept finding testimonies and it was hard to stop. Now I don't know how many of these are fake, but the reviews I initially copied from Barnes & Nobel (reviews 1-10) are less likely to be fake in my opinion when compared to amazon.


Now for people who are confused on why I'm posting these reviews, I'm not posting them to determine the effectiveness of Self-Hypnosis/Hypnosis (as this has been pretty much been established already over the years in science). What I wanted to determine is the effectiveness of this particular method of self hypnosis i.e. reading the induction & script out loud to yourself. You have to understand this particular method isn't well known, established, or taught in the general hypnosis community, try and do a Google search on the method, and you'll have a hard time finding this method talked about anywhere. Hence why I combed through the reviews of this book, as that is pretty much the only place you'll find people talking about this method.


Yesterday I decided to do another session in the evening. After that session when my wife and cousin went out to smoke, I didn't smoke and wasn't tempted either, though I ended up smoking weed, I have no temptation to smoke cigarettes (as suggested in the script). However this morning I ended up having 2 cigarettes, funnily enough smoking was really on my mind. So more sessions need to be done, it's only been 1 day so far. However if I can fit 2 sessions in the same day, I'll try to. But whether I do 2 or 1 sessions a day, I will still do them over time as well (5-7 consecutive days) because I think that is an important factor in it's effectiveness (rather than doing 7 sessions in 1 day).


I'll keep you updated.



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Posted 21 March 2018 - 05:47 PM

OK I've decided to do things differently.


I already knew that when I run out of tobacco, I wasn't likely to buy another one anyway for awhile. So it feels like a waste to keep doing the smoking script for 5-7 days, and then the follow up smoking script for 5-7 days, before I do my bigger goals like sleep or exercise.


Now I know 100% smoking/tobacco/nicotine to near to bed gives me insomnia. But I have also suffered insomnia and bad sleeping patterns throughout my life since I was a child; so falling asleep is a pain whether I'm on nicotine or off it.


So I thought why not combine some of the scripts since all of the hypnosis scripts in this book are very short anyway, and it seems like a waste to do the induction just for 1 short script. 


I also felt resistance to start the session (procrastination), so I threw that script in there too. Like I said these scripts are short so they only add another 3-5 minutes to the session.


For the exercise script, I think I'll do that later when I write my own one, but I have to read the instructions on how to write my own scripts first which is in the next chapter of the book. For the time being, doing it for sleep/smoking/procrastination makes the sessions feel more productive, and I will be able to see whether this is truly working because I've had falling asleep problems my entire life.


So anyway I just did the session, it went like this:


1. Master Induction

2. Sleep Script

3. Procrastination Script

4. Smoking Script

5. Awakener


I will note, at first I was a bit worried because I was quite awake, and knew about me having trouble falling into trance with self hypnosis mp3's before. However while I read the induction, and I really tried to get into it, I did feel a slight tiredness come over me, I was tripping over my words, my speech was getting slower, and my eyes were half open. So I definitely observed what could be described as a light trance, or maybe I was trying to get into it too hard and acting? Who knows. Main thing is I need to put my 100% into it whether I might be acting or not, and give it time. In the end, results will show me soon enough whether it's working or not. And insomnia and falling asleep will be the biggest indicator of whether it's working or not because this has been a lifelong problem.


Lastly because I'm doing 3 scripts now instead of one, I will consider this my first day, and overlook yesterday's session on smoking cessation.

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Posted 22 March 2018 - 06:50 AM



Ok, so yesterday I did the 3 scripts sandwich, i.e. the sleep script, procrastination script, and smoking script. I remember finishing this at around 5:20pm. After that session I felt really tired, and when we finally got home I was ready for bed. I did end up having 1 cigarette first, and then going to bed around 8pm.


I remember lying in bed with my mind blank for about 20 minutes, and the thought of this isn't working and that I needed to go to bed at a later time popped up, but I ended up staying in bed without much resistance or worry, and followed the instructions of counting backwards from 100. Whatever the case I must have fell asleep around 8:30pm, and then ended up waking up this morning around 5:30am!


This is very surprising.


1. I fell asleep after having just smoked a cigarette; remember nicotine is a strong stimulant for me and disturbs my sleep/gives me insomnia.


2. I fell asleep at 8:30pm!


3. I slept until 5:30am, which is the minimum acceptable time to wake up.


Point 3 is especially important. Because one of the reasons I usually avoid going to bed early (like 8:30pm), is because I usually wake up around 2am and can't fall back asleep. 5:30am is literally the minimum time I want to sleep in to, while 7:30am is ideal. But this morning when I woke up, it seemed like I couldn't force myself to sleep those extra 2 hours , and so ended up getting up at 5:30am instead.


Anyway this is a nice "result" that's for sure. We'll see if it keeps up, because don't forget I've had sleeping trouble since I was a child, so if this works, I will be sorting a lifelong struggle I've never been able to get quite right. And believe me I've tried through willpower plenty of times. So time will tell, but this was definitely a positive result this time round that's for sure.

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Posted 22 March 2018 - 10:34 AM

Very quick update. I checked my bookshelf, and it seems I didn't give this book away in the book charity event like I first thought (I must have knew it required another read one day, and I was right!). I still prefer reading on my iPad using the kindle version though, but it's good to know I have my physical copy still, because they only sell these second hand now.


I also bought the second book of his "More Instant Self Hypnosis" physical and kindle copy the other day, just for the scripts, and to see if there is anything more he talks about on the subject (since he's the only one writing about this method). The 2nd book also comes with Master Induction 2.0, however I'll stick with the Master Induction 1.0 in the first book as it seems to be working for now, and there's no point me trying new inductions if the current one works fine. I also read a review somewhere of someone who tried both inductions from both books, and preferred the original still. 


Lastly I also found I have another one of his books on my bookshelf I bought long ago called Self Hypnosis Revolution. This was actually a different technique, where you combine affirmations with actions from what I remember. For example in the shower you say to yourself you're washing all your stress away, or when you take out the trash you say I'm removing the garbage out of my life. Something along those lines. However I'd rather not bother filling my life with such affirmations, if I can change my behaviours and achieve my goals via instant self hypnosis sessions. Why would anyone choose affirmations, over 5-7 sessions instant self hypnosis sessions which should produce permanent change? I'm not discounting this other technique, but I will not be exploring it, if these instant self hypnosis sessions work as intended.


And so the experiment continues. I consider this day 2 btw, not day 3, because I'm now doing a script sandwich of 3 scripts, which I only started yesterday.

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 12:56 PM

So I kind of fell off the bandwagon with this like I do with a lot of things. So I never stuck the original plan. However I will note, I feel I suffer less from insomnia and can fall asleep quicker. But I can't really say this for sure, because I was getting high pretty much every night for 2 weeks (which always makes me fall asleep easily). 


On a related note I started megadosing zinc (with copper) yesterday, and I fell asleep from 7.30pm last night to 8:30pm this morning (13 hours) and I didn't get high either. Also whats interesting is I don't feel the need to get high again, so hopefully that sticks, because I've started to get addicted to weed; and even though I know weed helps me fall asleep super quick, I do think the sleep quality is worse in general.


Anyway Instant Self Hypnosis is not off the books, and I will try it again when I can be bothered. I will say I believe the scripts of the book aren't great. I'm thinking of writing one myself, a generic one on self discipline/procrastination/self control, which will then hopefully spread out to my other goals (exercise, diet, smoking etc...). But like I said, when I can be bothered.


Here's a summary of the things I'm looking into for self development, and will continue to keep in mind even if I'm not practicing all of them regularly yet:


1. Amygdala Clicking, Frontal Lobes Pop

2. Joy Touch, "septum pellucidum" stimulating

3. Instant Self Hypnosis

4. Kaizen, micro steps to change habits

5. Fast calculations, brain training

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Posted 04 August 2020 - 12:35 PM

I've gone back trying this self hypnosis method, the most I've put into it since I've known about it.


It definitely works to certain degrees. While I won't go 100% into what works and what doesn't as I've only been experimenting with it the past couple of weeks. I can say it definitely does work.


I've focused on many goals, but an example of a couple suggestions (and similar ones) I've been repeating (up to 15 times or more) that seems to be having an effect are:


With every inhale I take in life, I feel more and more peace and love

With every exhale I take in life, I wash away my all fears and anger


These are the 2 main ones I use, and even though I've been off supplements and suffering from anhedonia again. I definitely find it hard to get stressed out at the moment, for example yesterday I had to wait for RAC to tow my car to the garage, I was told by the garage they'd be able to do it today so I can come in the tow truck rather than bring my other vehicle, then I had to wait at the garage for an hour just to be told they didn't have the right part to fix it, to being dropped off by one of the garage people in which I gave him £10 for the lift (cost of a taxi anyway, and even though it was their fault because they told me not to bring my other vehicle), because mistakes happens and I really wasn't bothered by the inconvenience. Also had a nice chat with the garage worker and didn't feel any anxiety, even though I hadn't taken any of my supplements that day.


I've also used this method for libido which I can say it works. But smoking while it worked to some degree, I haven't been able to fully quit. 


The one thing I will say is great about this method, is unlike self hypnosis files, I don't worry about going into a trance. I can seem to go into a light trance with my eyes open every time, and the session will have subtle effects in my life.


So it will be interesting to experiment with for the next few months and see what I can get out of it.

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