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Protocols to enhance Stem Cell Infusions

stem cells rejuvenation health iv autologous marrow hbot spirulina

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Posted 12 May 2018 - 02:23 PM

Hi Friends



I am posting this new topic as a Stem Cell Infusion patient wanting to increase the potential benefits of SCT sessions. I will attest to one thing I have done that granted me results that are beyond the usual ones of the doctors who undertook my autologous bone marrow stem cell IV infusion.



- Several visits to a Hyberbaric pressurized chamber prior to and after the SCT treatment



My doctor said that this helps the stem cells work more effectively by compressing everything within one's body, reducing the size of molecules and enabling the stem cells to circulate more freely through tissues. I cannot confirm this conclusion but it was his interpretation of the benefits of HBOT for stem cell treatments.



- Spirulina as a supplement - not yet tested this for its noted effects but I will in my next SCT



This is something that my doctor advised to take, and he gave me permission to relay this to you here: the intake of relatively large doses of Spirulina prior to and after the SCT session. Online I learned that a normal dose is between 2 and 3 grams per day, I am not sure if this is the dosage he recommended but he said whatever you take it will definitely boost the effects of an SCT infusion. This blue-green algae that is best chosen from a cultivated rather than harvested source, to ensure the absence of contaminants.



- Intravenous Oxygen ?



What I seek to clarify and also find a way of self-administering or finding a relatively simple way of gaining access to this treatment, is Intravenous Oxygen. I will link to a webpage that shows the technical IV oxygen unit used in hospitals:






This Russian clinic also uses a number of other processes to stimulate stem cell activity, which are most useful and easiest to emulate outside of their clinical environment is anyone's guess:










I have noted the great benefits of oxygen on health, but am not aware of how the other methods they use can be of use. Any ideas about how to gain oxygen boosts or about the other techniques described here are welcome.





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