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Out of date supplements?


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#1 Rosanna

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Posted 27 August 2018 - 10:02 PM

Hi everyone


I've been really struggling with energy and dug out some d-ribose supplements that I once bought after hearing they can help with fatigue.  They are a year out of date, best before nov 2016, as it says 'best before' I'm assuming they are safe to still take?  Might be a daft question, but as it's a sugar, thought I'd ask what other's think.  Too late to buy some more and I've a long commute tomorrow.


I specifically get exhausted after a 12 hour day that I do which involves quite a bit of travel as well.  I've decided to regularly take co enzyme q10 (because I'm still on a small amount of beta blocker meds, although gradually weaning off) after reading that beta blockers deplete this.  My thyroxine meds have been increased which seems to have helped a bit (I have hypothyroidism and nothing has ever worked to reverse this unfortunately), and I've decided to take d-ribose, as apparently it helps muscles recover quickly....I do get ill at times with the fatigue, to the point of considering giving up my commute day, but will have to see.  (I had a racing heart one night which wouldn't come down and I had to go to hospital, where it then decided to return to normal by itself.  The doctors said there's no reason, often isn't, and I had a normal stress echo test).


Anyway I'm rambling.  I can usually prevent the worst by making sure I eat regularly throughout the day, stay hydrated and try and get good sleep, but thought the supplements might help.


If anyone has any other thoughts on what might be going on though I'd be happy to hear them.  Trigger for fast heart rate (and I mean fas) is eating food on a very empty stomach, drinking after going too long without fluids....and sometimes, working a long day (which I hate because I was always energetic and could do all those things).  I also get heart skips.


Thanks for reading.

#2 AceNZ

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Posted 06 September 2018 - 02:36 PM

Expiration dates are often conservative. Actual expiration depends on the material, manufacturer, and how its stored. For many unopened supplement-type items that have been stored in a dark, cool place, using them 6 months past expiration is probably safe, unless they've changed color or develop any noticeable smell.


For D-ribose in particular, my personal inclination would be to stay pretty close to the expiration date. In my experience, powders like that often don't keep well, and can easily oxidize or start clumping.


Regarding your symptoms, being exhausted after a 12 hr work day doesn't sound unusual. If your thyroid is too high, that can contribute to a high heart rate.


Heart skips and a high heart rate can be caused by low magnesium. You might try supplementing for a few months or so, and see if that helps -- Natural Calm is a good, easy form.



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