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Dentist Appointment - Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction , Need anti-anxiety advice


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#1 chris200931

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 10:51 PM

So let me start off by saying i am a former long time benzodiazipine user and have finished my taper from them 2.5 years ago however i still suffer from protracted issues such as brain zaps, headaches, blurry vision, anxiety, brain fog. Anways I have a impacted wisdom tooth and possibly a molar that needs to come out. I have sat on this for such a long time due to fear and since i abused benzos in the past im out of luck for any mainstream options to keep me clam during this procedure. The idea of beta blockers came to mind however i read that you shouldnt take beta blockers when getting local anethesia, I want to try and get carbocaine without epinephrine by the way.


Anyways i need some idea's on what i should do. Im afraid of getting put to sleep and i dont have insurance so it would probably cost too much anyways. Im basically stuck with being awake under local. 


One possible thing i came across is afobazole for anti-anxiety effects and it shouldnt cause a problem with GABA. Other than that i have no idea. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

#2 gamesguru

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Posted 09 November 2018 - 02:32 AM

how was it?


my surgery was 15 minutes.  i just couldn't say the word loopy afterwards cause of the cotton in my mouth.  and the pain kicked in the next day, but you manage.  you will have holes in your mouth for a while..

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