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Please Input Your Opinion/Advice on my little empire of Supplements & etc

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#1 Bubbles

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 03:54 PM

Hello everyone! Would really appreciate if you would give me a little bit of your precious time to take a look over my stack and say something, but not exactly something. Quick background, early 30s, 90kg/198lbs I can easily lose the weight but not interested right now, 1,82m / 5,97ft (yes, I will lose around 10kg-15kg /22-33lbs to be "me"), went on and off (mostly off lol) at gym in previous years, now I'm back since 2 months with great progress and planning to keep going until I die; looking to integrate stretching and sometimes doing meditation etc.


Main problem is that I work a lot at desk in front of a computer, using a lot of brain power. Because I can go in a flow/momentum sometimes and become workaholic, I used to get burnout/adrenal fatigue/chronic stress call it however you like, and was stopping from work... but years passed and I understood what happened and now I'm wiser at least in that aspect. Also went into a weird paradoxical depression because I am not working because I cannt resume work because I am too sad because I didn't work for too long, like a weird loop, and I have my own business so it is not a problem of getting a job, but getting the right mindset. Anyway, below:



  • D3 + K2 (d3 5000ui + k2 Menaquinone 90 mcg / read this if you think is too much https://www.ncbi.nlm...les/PMC5541280/ either way, I only take this dose for 2 months during the winter, after that I reduce it and stop taking around late April - early May)
  • Omega 3 EPA 432mg DHA 288mg
  • Sun Flower Choline (min 95% phosphatide - and 1-2g a day; I'm avoiding soy and will have often breaks with this one or spaced out or every other day)
  • Cordyceps Sinensis Extract 25:1 standardized minimum 10% cordycepic acid 204 mg, 12:1 extract with minimum 30% polisacharides and minimum 1% adenosine 200mg, so 400mg (500 with the capsule)
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine (same this as without N-) - 550mg (2 per day in gym days, and 1 per day in non-gym days)
  • Q10 Micronized 150mg (thought it would synergize with ALCAR & NADH but I don't think I need Q10 yet... waste of money? Maybe D-Ribose would be better?)
  • NADH 12,5mg (this one completely fixed my unexplained fatigue and day time sleepiness, seems like the effect is maintained for some time and no need to redose, however I'm not sure what the heck I am doing so I use this one 1-2 times a week or less now until it's over then break)
  • Taurine Jarrow's 1000mg - in the evening, really feeling it nice, satisfied with this choice.
  • Magnesium Citrate + B6 (100mg Mg + B6 5 mg) - taking 1-2 a day, would take more if it wasn't for the B6. Months prior to this I felt a big change due to the administration of Magnesium Citrate (300-450mg a day for 3 months with small 1 week breaks between months), this deficiency was corrected and now maintaining with 100mg Mg Citrate.)
  • Zinc + Tribulus Terrestris (Zn 7,5mg + + TT 270 mg) bought this just for the small Zinc amount, taking after sex (sperm loss) or during some days randomly. Very cheap.
  • Zinc + Selenium (SelenoPrecise 100µg + Zinc gluconate 15mg + vit.A 800µg + B6 2mg + vit.C 90mg µg + vit.E 15mg - bought this to various reasons actually)
  • Maca tubers extract 5-6:1 standardized 0,6% glucosinolate 350mg ; dry extract 4:1 Maca tubers; 1-3 per day
  • Melatonin before bed (meh, I know... want to try and quit as I take it since months...)
  • Proteins 50-100g a day (from whey powder or/and meat; am going to gym 3-4 times a week)
  • Creatine 4-5g only on gym days
  • B12 Methylcobalamin 100 (first thing in the morning with a probiotic)
  • Pure Raw Royal Jelly Unprocessed (see this post with the links to studies as well; also I can vouch for this stuff if raw; natural source of acetylcholine too)
  • Ashwagandha (good quality, with 7% withanolides and 1% alkaloids , Piper nigrum with 5% piperine)
  • Lutein 10mg and Zeaxantin 2mg
  • Probiotic Complex ( 2 billion UFC/ G Lactobacillus acidophilus,  3 billion UFC/g  Bifidobacterium Bifidus and FOS mg)
  • I also mix dry powder of organic herbs, mixture of Wheatgrass, Barely, Amla, Neem, Chlorella etc etc mostly green stuff. Used to drink this daily but nowadays not so much, I feel naturally that I don't need it, and just take it 1-2 times per week. Does wonders for digestion, stomach problems, skin glow etc plus it's a punch of vitamin and minerals.


Some of these will go be finished soon like Q10 and NADH (10-15 capsules each left) so I take this more strategically. Most of these will be taken almost daily, although I'm not sure if I should take Zinc daily. Ashwagandha is something I would also maybe take in the evening where I feel my cortisol is still up due to working too much etc, although in beginning I might take it daily, maybe together with Taurine, it will help to replace melatonin supplementation. I could talk more about each however I think there's already a lot that was written.

I would appreciate if anyone could chime in and have a recommendation about what would they take, when, how w/ food, empty stomach morning, evening, every other day, daily, break, don't take, add something else, etc etc.  

#2 brosci

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 07:10 PM

This looks like a solid stack to me. Mine often looks similar, but with some variation as I try to find better options.


Instead of B12, I usually take a complex -- there's a lot to explore in there like benfotiamine, or TPP, or sulbutiamine, or R5P / P5P... even B-like compounds (TMG, CDP-choline, aGPC)... inositol, etc.


My goals are usually centered around brain health + heart health, then finding some combination that might aid with general aging.

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#3 Bubbles

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 10:31 PM

iirc vit B's compete for absorption between each other, and I have never taken B12 alone, so was wondering to see if there's any difference from taking it first think in the morning alone. Not saying that there's any problem with a B complex, on the contrary, iirc also, B vitamins works best when there is the full spectrum of them around. I'm a solo-B12 virgin. 


indeed, there is a lot to explore. I was tempted to get Uridine because I would really need something like that right now, however after reading and reading, I decided against taking it. Got too scared due to its cancer talks even though that's about a different form; I heard it depletes Folate and B12 so probablly the cancer may happen because of that depletion and not directly due to Uridine. Unsure to be honest, I really don't know and Im just speculating what other people wrote.


Yes, my goals are very similar to yours. As a mater of fact, you can notice that some supps in my stack have a role in NGF & BDNF. I am working on stack for neurogenesis, however I'm not even close to the main superstars such as Lions Mane alcohol extract + Psilocibin md + Niacin Flush + others, currently I'm building my way, slowly introducing certain sups etc Also going to stop drinking any alcohol for the upcoming months, lol. If anyone is interested in this subject, here is a little gift for you! (a great book on neurogenesis, pdf format)


Either way, I remind myself every day that most important is real food, sleep, exercise/lift weights/stretching/run and only after that supplements come to supplement an on-going activity. What I would need now is an app that would remind me how many days passed since I ate the last time a certain fruit/veggie , maybe even point color use ., assuming I would input every time I eat something. Or maybe I could use an agenda... Look, for example it passed more than 6 months since I ate a pomegranate! If you ask me how this happened, I have no idea, life happened, got busy, ate other things, didn't thought of it... "excuses". But maybe if I would have been reminded 3 weeks after I ate my last one, maybe, just maybe, I would have bought another pomegranate. And the thing is, everybody and even centenaries say that balance and a little bit from everything is key, so an app or a habit of tracking when/what you ate last type of fruit or/and vegetable, can be very helpful. Time flies.




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#4 AceNZ

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Posted Today, 02:51 AM

For someone your age and with your goals, my two cents is that your stack could be simplified quite a bit. Unless you're working against specific lab test results and/or a specific illness or a strongly positive personal experience, I would only keep: D3, K2, NAC, CoQ10, Taurine, Mg Citrate, Zinc (low dose), B12 and the probiotics. I would add a B-complex without Folic Acid (like B-minus), a multi-mineral (like Pic-Mins), and a high-quality E (like Unique E or Gamma E). If the Melatonin improves your sleep quality, keeping it would be fine, too.


I generally take most of my supplements with food. I've found that using them to effectively enrich my food works pretty well for me.

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