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Low dose resveratrol, inconsistent results with some side effects

resveratrol blood sugar fatigue mood

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Posted 10 March 2019 - 11:52 AM

So after my experience with grapes (https://www.longecit...ant-effect-wtf/) and getting pronounced effects I decided to start taking ~10mg worth of resveratrol by opening a capsule and measuring it with a scale.


Now the mood effects (which were very beneficial at first) seem to have somewhat stabilized (its still present but far less so than before). However the effects im getting for what is seemingly my autoimmune problems (arthritis like pain and brain inflammation) is completely annihilated while on resveratrol (especially first 5-6 hours after taking it), however Im getting waves of what is seemingly fatigue/weirdness/mild dizziness. Now obviously resveratrol can have effects on blood sugar Im well aware of that, but what I find striking is the inconsistency in the occurence of these symptoms and how dramatic my responses is... hell.... its only 10mg worth of resveratrol. I can imagine id friggin pass out by taking the whole 200mg capsule.

Also I seem to be getting potent vasorelaxing effects from resveratrol, these also seem to happen on days when the fatigue/dizziness is not there.

Another thing that I have noticed is that I have been sleeping somewhat less (15-20mins less per day) per day and that I have consistently been waking up earlier.

I dose my resv. on an empty stomach in the morning, Ive tried dosing it in the evening but it oddly seemed to give me barely if any effect at all.

Energy levels also seem to fluctuate a lot, generally speaking my energy levels have increased a fair bit on resveratrol but on days such as today, its like mehhhhh I feel like this drowsey type of fatigue.


For all it matters I have not made any dietary changes.


Can I expect a stabilizing effect on my energy levels? Oh and one last thing, it does feel as if my libido is 'different'. Not necesarry less but its almost as if I start falling for different type of women which is odd as hell. I do know that resv. is a phytoestrogen and that might be the reason... anyway i hope someone can help me provide some answers and share their experience with regards to the energy levels on resv.


One last thing: I dont want to give up yet on the resv. because it has been a godsend for my autoimmune problems (far bypassing any other suppl/drug ive ever tried).

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