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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Life Biosciences LLC

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 11:13 PM



The only way to address the complexity of aging is by tackling each of the eight pathways that limit longevity and  reduce healthspans.

We have modeled our business accordingly by setting up individual Daughter companies to conduct their research independently and collaboratively. 

Co-founded in 2017 by David Sinclair, PhD, AO, and Tristan Edwards, Life Biosciences 



'Platform' technology companies include: 




We are researching new compounds for veterinary use, and aim to develop proven treatments to prolong youth and expand the lifespan of our four-legged friends, because we believe animals deserve to be beneficiaries of our sophisticated research and we will gain insights applicable to the work of our Daughter companies.



Using proprietary technologies, Spotlight has developed a platform that enables the identification and quantification of thousands of novel peptides, some of which have unique biology relevant to treating human diseases and aging. Drs. David Sinclair and Bogdan Budnik co-founded the company.



LifeLab is our 24,000-square-foot state-of-the-art lab in Cambridge, Mass. (USA) which serves as the company’s centrally operated laboratory and is able to conduct independent and collaborative research. LifeLab is staffed with a core team to design, execute and analyze studies and it also hosts the Daughter company scientists. LifeLab will benefit from the emerging (AI) platform being developed by LifeAI to optimize the research of each Daughter company and enable Life Biosciences to derive critical data and insight across its hub-and-spoke model.



LifeAI develops and operates Life Bioscience’s suite of technology to optimize scientific research and development.  This secure digital infrastructure will disrupt traditional development and treatment pathways. LifeAI platforms will allow us to identify novel drug targets, biomarkers, and make informed and earlier go, no-go decisions. 



Lua  (founded in 2010, by DeFranco and Krigsfeld)  acquired 2018 
Supporting the full Life Biosciences family of companies is Lua. Lua currently offers HIPAA-compliant, web- and mobile-access technology that aims to improve medical service delivery and patient outcomes by facilitating communication between consumers and caregivers. The Lua product connects patients and providers directly, allowing them to interact via secure, direct messaging and teleconferencing. Lua will serve as the foundation for LifeAI’s data platforms, utilizing machine learning, neural networks, and other AI tools to speed up novel insights into target medicines.





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