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Cats on NMN, Taurine, and L-Lysine

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#1 Oakman

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 10:25 PM

One of our cats is 18 yrs old, and has always had bad allergies to the point of scratching herself bloody. Fortunately our vet had a solution (shot) to solve that problem for 1.5-3 months at a time. However she also developed a bad limp in a front leg that none of the typical 'joint' supplements did anything for.


At one point about a year ago we had thoughts we would need to put her down as she pretty much stopped doing anything. Fortunately she recovered a bit and at least got up to eat, and so we did not end up doing that. As NR had been used on rats/mice/people I cautiously began adding a bit of NR to her chow. Sh didn't like the taste apparently, and it became harder and harder to administer it to her. We did notice a bit of change, but as the administration was iffy, so were the results.


Then along came readily available NMN in powder form. It also had been used on rats/mice/people, and from personal experience, I knew it had no taste when in water. As rats had been given NMN in their water, I decided that that could be a great way to get it into a cat.


Well, at first I just gave a bit (40-80 mgs) in water to her and she readily took the water. Notable things began to happen slowly over the course of several months. First, her limp became increasingly less, she began to perk up noticeably. By that I mean being active around the house, something she had stopped doing. After dosing her a few months I figured perhaps all our four cats could benefit, they being 18 yrs, 14 yrs, and 14 yrs old now, even with no debilitating issues.


So starting in March they have received different water/supplement mixes, on alternate days, aimed at improving their health and longevity. Their common water dish is ~1500 mls. So Dish 1 is 1 gram NMN powder, 3 grams MSM (sulphur); Dish 2 is ~4 grams Taurine, 2 grams L-Lysine. A dish takes 1 to 1.5 days for the four of them to drink empty. They are a thirsty bunch!


It is difficult to tell how this affects the other three, they are much the same as always (active and healthy), but the one with allergies is most assuredly better, and has continued to improve over time. She now goes outside (enclosed area), something she had stopped doing some time ago, she engages us regularly on her own, sleeps with us off and on, and goes up and down stairs easily now. Here limp is nearly non-existent. She is certainly not regained her yourful strength by any means, but she is reasonably healthy and active. Beyond that, she still is, and has always been, the "master of the universe", i.e., none of the other cats cross her or overrule her wishes. How she does that is beyond me, but it must be her attitude!


Has anyone else thought of trying this with their pets, or something similar? It would be nice to have more than an N=1 experience for NMN in feed water especially.

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#2 Mind

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 10:32 PM

I have tried C60oo, NAD+ and CBD oil with my old felines.


It seems the NAD+ booster was the most effective at restoring energy.


I would like to try rapamycin, as many people have had success with that in dogs. Perhaps a senolytic as well.

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#3 Oakman

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 01:18 AM

Interesting. I have some NAD+, perhaps I will try a bit along with the NMN on her. Thanks!


CBD seems way to $$$ - I can't figure how they can charge so much, no less what it actually does.

#4 Mind

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 04:32 PM

CBD oil had no effects on my cat as far as I could tell. I really didn't expect it to have any effect.


I didn't do straight NAD with my cat. I used a NAD+ booster from LEF.

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