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Noopept first time, advices regarding drug interactions

nootropic noopept

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#1 TinyGiant

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 04:53 PM



I take 0.5mg of xanax once per month, for when my anxiety is really unbearable (I'm only allowing once per month to avoid becoming psychologically addicted to it).
I take one pump (0.2ml) of CBD Active+ (I don't know how much cbd there is inside) every morning, this is nano-encapsuled CBD which is 100% bioavailable and soluble in water.
I rarely drink alcohol (nowadays but used to binge drink once a week for 5 years untill I stopped 6-7 month ago)

I used 130mg + 130mg + 170mg + 200mg of 3 -MMC one week ago, each dose taken 1h apart (it was nice but I don't plan on taking some again in the future, I felt the need to take some again for several days so I throwed it all away), note that I rarely use those kind of "hard drugs", once every year or less.

I smoke 20 cigarettes per day.

I drink around 2L of coke zero per day (aspartam)

I eat mainly kebabs, pizzas and burgers (yes I know...)

I don't do any physical activities.
And that is all.

So I wanted to try noopept to improve my coding abilities and for when I'm following courses online.

It all started after my 3-MMC use, afterwards I felt a stong need to "improve", I still feel it, interesting fact : it supressed my need to smoke for 48 hours, I usually get overstressed if I don't smoke every 2 hours.

So after some reading on the internet I ordered and received 10g of noopept powder.

I planned to take 10mg sublingualy 3 times a day.

CBD half like is 36 hours, should I wait 1 week without CBD to clear my system of it?
Is there some other type of drugs/foods/supplements that are a big no no with noopept?
Can I take paracetamol if it triggers a migraine?

From my searches I get the feeling that aspartam is dangerous with noopept but I didn't really find anything definitive and I did not found the half life of aspartam in the human body.

I just read this post and it kind of scared me : https://www.longecit...ruined-my-life/


should I avoid chinese food since they will contain MSG when using noopept?


Note that I don't intend (for now) to make a nootropic stack, I just want to use noopept.


Thank you.

#2 2Aleph Naught

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Posted 31 May 2019 - 11:00 AM

This isn't the answer you wanted and I'm gonna seem like a dick for saying it but..


Before you go down the nootropic rabbit hole to improve coding abilities or other cognitive functions you should read through the lifestyle section of Longecity.

Your mental abilities can be (read:are) hampered by lack of exercise and a proper nutrition regiment.


More dickishness: ...

From the specifics you posted (and the ones I noticed you leave out) it seems like you're approaching this very dangerously.

Do deeper research and learn what these compounds actively do inside you. You say you're looking for advice on drug interactions but your post read like you're asking which primary colors mix to make orange. Your body is much more complicated than that and you need to give it the respect it deserves.

If you're serious about helping yourself it's best practice to change only one variable at a time and stay consistent with it for a while. Keeping a journal of perceived effects would serve you well too.


The Longecity forums aren't Reddit. A lot of us are serious folk who've put countless hours towards bettering ourselves.

It's like you're asking us to figure out a solution for you when you're not even trying to solve it yourself.


Sorry if you're offended... kinda



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