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Offsetting decline in AMPAr's of ampakines/positive allosteric modulators with AMPA antagonists

ampa racetam ampa antagonism ampa receptors

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Posted 31 May 2019 - 12:07 AM



Ampakines appear to down regulate AMPA-r density with longer term usage, although the response doesn't occur when the half-life of the ampakine is very short. I'm highly sensitive to acute effects from piracetam (pretty uncommon it seems) and have noticed that when I stop using it, my working memory and attention span suffer a significant deficit comparable to sleep deprivation. Immediately supplementing with piracetam offsets this deficit. Piracetam's long-ish half-life combined with chronic usage seems like a recipe for downregulation of AMPA-r's and decreased LTP when cycling off, which might explain the deficits I've noticed. Has anyone experimented with/tried using AMPA antagonists (maybe l theanine or something stronger) to balance the effect of racetams on AMPA-r's? Has it worked? Is what I'm experiencing totally unrelated to AMPA-r's?

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