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Need Advice For Transient Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA)

prca red cell aplasia blood disorder

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#1 Tim Ventura

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Posted 07 June 2019 - 04:18 AM

Help! Need advice:


I have an older friend (mid 70's) who has acquired transient pure red cell aplasia. This is a disease initially caused by a virus where the body quits making red blood cells. The virus itself is apparently gone, wiped out by his immune system, but it stopped blood production before it was gone (or else his immune system did, I'm not clear about which).




He has been living for a few months now with a blood transfusion every couple of weeks, and at this point his doctors are doing a course of chemo to shut down the immune system followed by steroids to stimulate red blood cell production.


Based on other accounts in online literature, if he can hold steady he should recover within a year. However, I would LOVE advice on supplements or experimental therapies / medications that might help to stimulate recovery.


I have NO idea what might help, but Longecity is on the cutting edge of a lot of experimental research, and I thought someone might have some worthwhile ideas that he and/or his doctors could explore.


PRCA is a pretty rare blood disease, so from what he's said one of the major challenges for everybody is "learning as they treat it".


Any thoughts / advice would be appreciated!!!!

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