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HUMAN placebo-controlled trial NR Does Not Elevate Muscle NAD+ But Modulates NAD+ Metabolome

human placebo-controlled randomized trial muscle nad+ anti-inflammatory aged subjects nicotinamide riboside nad+ metabolome

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#31 Fredrik

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 09:48 AM


This quote is from page 16 of the study and seems speculative. It implies that NR supplementation somehow results in heathier mitochondria that is stress resistant.



  1. Our data suggest downregulation of gene sets associated with glycolysis

  2. 382  and mitochondrial function, yet our measures of mitochondrial respiration, citrate synthase

  3. 383  activity, and mitochondrial copy number were unaltered. Again, expression levels of

  4. 384  glycolysis and mitochondrial protein were unchanged with NR in this study. The

  5. 385  downregulation of energy-generating processes may be reminiscent of mechanisms

  6. 386  associated with calorie restriction (Hagopian, Ramsey and Weindruch, 2003; Ingram and

  7. 387  Roth, 2011; Lin et al., 2015) or increased mitochondrial quality control as has been observed

  8. 388  in blood stem cells (Vannini et al., 2019), or suggest that NR can tune’ the expression of

  9. 389  energy metabolism pathways to permit a more efficient and potentially stress resilient

  10. 390  mitochondrial environment.



But their original hypothesis and wanted outcome was that mitochondrial function would INCREASE with NR supplementation, not decrease as it turned out to do.


"Hypothesis: elevating skeletal muscle NAD+ bioavailability using NR supplementation will increase markers of mitochondrial function and that will manifest as a more favourable metabolic profile."


When it in fact DECREASED they had a convenient change of mind and tell us that is a good thing because that happens during calorie restriction too. I think this post hoc inventiveness is scientific dishonesty and it reeks of desperation to produce a paper that will sell more pills and increase share holders value in Chromadex.

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#32 Fredrik

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 09:54 AM

The study drew considerable interest and led some to make rather crass statements. Therefore I think it's worthwhile to upload the full text.


What do you mean by "crass statements"? What do you think was said that is untrue or unfair?

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