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DrugAge: The Database of Ageing-related Drugs

ageing drugs database

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Posted 10 July 2019 - 03:00 PM

From Rejuvenation Science News (RSN)



S O U R C E :   Human Ageing Genomic Resources




DrugAge Database of Anti-Ageing Drugs


The DrugAge database contains an extensive compilation of drugs, compounds and supplements (including natural products and nutraceuticals) with anti-ageing properties that extend longevity in model organisms. Our focus is on drugs/compounds potentially impacting on ageing, and therefore drugs/compounds extending lifespan in disease-prone animals (e.g., cancer models) are excluded.


DrugAge is manually curated by experts to ensure high-quality content. You can view DrugAge's statistics. Release notes for the current build are also available.


When deemed to contain essential information for DrugAge (e.g. a large scale assay), certain papers were included without analysing the statistical significance of the results. These results are labelled with 'NS' in the significance field.




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