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iontophoresis nad+ how i do it + need advice

nad+ iontophoresis

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#1 orion22

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Posted 16 July 2019 - 08:53 PM

so what i do is put the nad+ in a syringe the exact size of my pinchy finger i cut ,on the other end some aluminium connected to the + sign of rechargeable 9v battery and stick my pinchy finger all day in there with the - connected to the other end like this 


           -----------------------finger connected to ring(+saline solution) connected to electrical wire connected to - sign 9v battery(the finger is represented by the 5 |)

     .    |    .

     .    |    .

     .    |    .

     .    |    .------------------------------------syringe tube 

     .    |   .

     . +++.----------------------------------nad+ solution 



         .---------------------------------------- electrical wire connected to + sign of 9v battery



1 so what do you guys think about it good idea,stupid idea?

2 one more stupid question do i get H2 in my body with this setup since its charge is+ shod be more than my h2 machine since i use this for 14 hours in a day using 9v battery 






i try to get some pressure in there so nad+ can go more easy

i got burned by the 9v battery when i put to much salt 

i can get 200-400 mg nad+ "in" per day(14 hours) after suffering a small wound on the tip on the finger ;considering removing some skin after thats healed to get same amazing rezults after 14 hours my finger absorbs all the liquid and its very pink 

after 14 hours the solution goes a little yellow 10% left-20% i trow it away because im ok even if i get 50% in 


the beta version of this was me putting my finger in  nad+ solution all day same battery setup but no tub from syringe that means better blood circulation,less resistance due to - charge being closer to +,and...... i could feel insane absorbtion because after 14 hours with finger in solution my finger was very destroyed by how much nad+ it absorbed it recovered very fast to 100% normal  but first time i thought that skin is dead for sure i codn t even feel it was afraid it will fall off  but that was prob because the 9v battery was new than and had more power 





i felt a sleep once while having this and nothing bad happened i just leave my arm  near bed side 

i don t spend money on clinics its very cheep i just charge my battery at night and i don t waste 4 hours at the clinic not that i have a clinic in my country 

if i take it intranasal i feel  pain (spray in nose)

don t think needle in arm is a good idea 





so im doing this because im afraid i waste to much if i put it on a normal iontophoresis patch in theory i can get 90% of solution by just pressing my tomb more in the tube while the solution gets absorbed 

if you are rich you can use patch system and have you re hand free all day and you might waste more nad+






can t use 1 hand to type wash food or wash stuff and i have to carry the 9v battery or duck tape it to my arm  all day

i have no idea if it works for sure was hoping for some advice i can t risk a placebo effect to really on results 


if this sounds stupid to you guys sorry im not that smart like most people here 









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#2 Bruce Klein

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 10:17 PM

Probably not for everyone... but thanks for sharing your experience.

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