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No thread on Pentagon GC-MAF?

cancer pentagon macrophages vdbp gc-maf

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#1 AntoPax

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Posted 25 July 2019 - 01:36 PM

So it was already 9 years from when the Department of Defence made possible the publication of an article funded by them that was talking about a fraction peptides of GC-MAF. Recently the explanation of the function of VDBP and thus the Macrophages activating factor was also added to the technical vocabulary of the National Cancer Institute. The premises are simple, cancerous cells and metastatic tumours can be destroyed by the reactivated immune system and the proliferation of tumoral cells can be stopped making a lethal illness just a scratch.
The interests in this situation it's obviously non-existent: less than 14000 people have read the article in 9 years,
academic scientist are just struggling in order to fight the reality back with their mind, but it's pointless.
Reality and science are not something that can be eluded with mind tricks, are just things that we experience by living.
If it's true that no scientific academy in the western world today it's able to understand the biology of the living beings it's fine, we have to accept that and find a solution for them, it could be more easy than we initially thought, like the cancer cure.
I cannot post links since i'm new, but the DoD peptide it's ac-tptelaklvnkrse.
The rest it's written on the NCI vocabulary.

#2 Daniel Cooper

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Posted 25 July 2019 - 03:08 PM

Looks like that peptide is available from some of the peptide makers used by people here.

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#3 AntoPax

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Posted 27 July 2019 - 02:12 PM

Looks like that peptide is available from some of the peptide makers used by people here.

Good at least something works as it should, it's sad that the only thing it does it's killing cancer cells, and cancer patients doesn't even know about it.
Also it's not so much life changing without any mTEC AIRE genes, at least for me. I'm using it from one years HeLa cells just get destroyed in days, only limit it's my subverted autoimmune regulation that just make some HeLa cell going back to a non invasive tumour form without
the possibility erasing it completely (after all we are talking about immortalized cells). I just need to find someone that can amplify my specific mTEC AIRE gene and i'm over with it.

With the active dosage of 5mg/week the MAF have the potential to be the less expensive life saving substance of the world, much less than the blood extracted form promoted in the 2014.
Both the negationist and the promoter of the substance just create too much confusion on the whole situation.
Some promoter even helped the negationist side spreading more disinformation (like vampirism).

USA government should just impose his authority on the healthcare problem, there is an expenditure of 3,65$ trillion every year between public and private money, all of that to finance a Pharmaceutical global business of 1,3$ trillion earned by reducing western humans health conditions.
Could be considered as a real war scenario,virtually without any opponents except for the western mass believes and ideologies (that as Russians proved during the cold war can be easily manipulated by foreign intelligence).
There is a reason if the WHO stated that 80% of the world still choose natural alternatives to western full synthetic treatments.
At this point changing at least the USA healthcare system and adapting it to a more life sustainable and cost effective peptides based healing (like Russian already have, at least from 40 years) shouldn't be consider just for the economical value but for the most important global life threatening condition that "our" system brought. Martial law should be used by DoD in conjunction with others countries militias, if academicians and doctors community don't want to cooperate or cannot understand the gravity of the situation (like the mass destruction potential of CRISPR,the incapacitating biochemical weapons used as therapies, or the fact that superpowers shown their renewed interest in a nuclear war...open the DEFCON1,maybe? At least respect your own defence guidelines) it's no more a matter of democracy, impact factor journals or respect to the lobby that "pays taxes", it's a matter of surviving with a sustainable scientific path or deliberately choosing the end of our race following our own stupidity, which is not a possibility by now it's a reality more closer than ever.
With a proper ,state provided and paid by citizens, full spectrum peptides treatments once a years for every Americans the 10.700$ expenses per person could be completely converted easily in a roughly 500$/1000$...of positive federal earnings!
Public debt, that right now seems a lost battle (21$ trillion), would be wiped out in matter of years, without counting the possibility that a healthy population would bring for FREE in the research and development fields, not fucking Elon "i'm using a technology that was invented in the 1890 to looks advanced" Musck.
Sorry for the outburst Cooper, I need it.

How the shop works for this site? It's just some buyers groups or there is a specific section?

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