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If you suffer from depression please, please read this


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Posted 27 July 2019 - 08:46 PM

This is a repeat because my first post didn't seem to go through, so if the first post ever shows up ignore this.


Dextromethorphan, the cough suppressant, is currently undergoing trials in Australia as an antidepressant.


I'm not a religious person, in fact my BA is in anthropology, but my story is definitely not based on evolution, so I can only explain it as a gift from God.


Depression runs in my family, I had my first depressive episode at age 11, so I've had a lot of experience with depression and antidepressants.


I'm a VA patient as I was wounded significantly while serving in Vietnam. I only need to see a psychiatrist to renew my medication, perfectly normal as long as I'm on medication. A new and very stupid psychiatrist became my doctor. Many of the horror stories you hear about the VA are absolutely true This idiot put me on Lamotrigene as an adjunct to my antidepressant, this was a perfectly good decision as Lamotrigene is something of a wonder drug, especially if you have a drinking problem, as it will simply remove any desire to have a drink. That wasn't my problem, but I liked the Lamotrigene. Here's where the idiocy came in, the doctor took me off the antidepressant I was using, thinking that the Lamotrigene would act like an antidepressant, it didn't. I quickly went into a depression and the doctor would not return my calls.


Here's where the mystical comes in, for some reason, which I do not remember at all, I had purchased a number of bottles of Dextromethorphan from Amazon. When the depression hit, again for reasons I do not remember, I took 5 caplets of the Dextromethorphan. The first day I did that 3 times. I don't remember if the depression was lifted after the first dose, but by the end of the day I was perfectly fine. I continue to take 5 caplets a day, I feel wonderful, there have been no side-effects for me and the co-ingredient, Guaifenesin, as had no noticeable effect on me. I can only tell you the dose I take, I'm a 230 male, but I can't predict what dose another person should try.


I'm not sure if this will be 100% effective for everyone that tries it, but if ketamine is, then this will be too.


So, if you suffer from depression, please, please try this this and if it works for you please spread the word to other depressed people you know.


Best of luck to you all.



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